Monday, 17 December 2012

My choice is Paula's Choice

Wowza... I have been using these products religiously for several weeks now - I initially mentioned them and reviewed the line here but I must say by this stage I am amazed. If you have any issues with uneven pigmentation, you had better get into this range pronto. My skin is unbelievably clear and unified - to the point where I actually don't need foundation (gasp!) although of course I do like to wear it anyway...

Annoyingly, Paula's Choice is only available online, but the postage is fairly swift and the customer service is on point. You can start by just ordering samples. I have been using the 8% AHA Perfecting Gel (£21.50) with incredible results on my face and even on legs after waxing. The consistency of the gel is ideal for clog-prone skin. I also went straight for the Resist range and have used the Daily Smoothing and Weekly Smoothing Treatments - you can buy both as a set for £52 at the moment. The Daily Smoothing treatment has an airtight pump and smells and looks just like Dermalogica's Age Smart Multivitamin recovery masque to me; it's a very siliconey feel but has not broken me out at all - it is marvellous under makeup (although don't forget your sunscreen!) and over time, used with the potent 10% Weekly Treatment, it seriously has made me look fresher and dare I say younger! Before trying this range I had been considering botox (although arguably that was a little premature) but after these Black Magic potions - for surely there has to have been a deal with the devil to get these formulas?!- I will never be without my Paula's Choice. This brand gets consistently high reviews and raves: I can only add yet another here. Believe the hype.