Friday, 28 July 2017

National Lipstick Day - MAC free lipstick...

Just in case anyone doesn't already celebrate it, this Saturday (i.e. tomorrow, 29th July) is National Lipstick Day. If you live in US or Canada, you can go to any MAC counter or store and pick up a totally free, no purchase necessary, lipstick. The only catch is it'll be handed out blindly (one per person until stocks run out) and it's only from the, one can only assume dismally received, Colour Rocker collection. (Pictured above.) So hopefully it won't be the streaky pale blue one or the streaky pale yellow one ;)

If you're in UK or Ireland, we still get a "free" lipstick at any MAC counter, but we'll have to stump up £40 minimum spend before we get it. And once again, it's, one can only assume dismally received, 6 specific shades: MAC Red, Captive, Cyber, Stone, Fleshpot, or Media. I already have Fleshpot (that shade name always reminds of Jeffrey Dahmer and makes me feel queasy) and Stone. I really like Stone and I often use it to 'Autumn-ify' bright orange or pink shades so it's actually very useful. I like it alone as well, it's very 'film noir'. I'm not sure it'd tempt me to make a £40 spend - but if there's any staple you get, maybe you ought to pounce now, and grab yourself a treat...

I just wanted to let people know in case they somehow hadn't heard! Hope this helps :)

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Drugstore Chronicles: Duds and Darlings

Who doesn't enjoy a cheap thrill? Well, I say "cheap", but with cynical multi-buys being the only way to get it cheap, it's normally the £10 mark for drugstore makeup... But nonetheless, it's always fun to discover a drugstore favourite. My favourite today has been going strong since 1952! So it's doing something right...

Now first of all a quick note on the duds. Both were flung mercilessly into the bin; if makeup doesn't "spark joy" it goes in the bin. Firstly, an ugly stick: Collection yellow corrector. I love the Collection lasting concealer in Fair. Personally I only wear it for short outings as I find it does fade and separate. But for a few hours it brightens and conceals. My favourite concealers are Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener (which someone told me is being discontinued so I may have to buy a few backups!?) and the classic staple, Lancome Effacernes. The Collection yellow corrector was a brilliant idea, but it's a very ashen yellow and needs to be a warmer yellow. It separates and makes foundation on top separate and it literally makes everything it touches go uglier. The second item flung in the bin was the long-awaited to our shores, Maybelline age rewind Brightener. It gives no coverage and goes on patchy, I have no idea how it won so many fans.

Enough negativity! The anointed one, step forward! It's Revlon Fire and Ice. Of course it is! This is a lipstick I'd had my eye on for ages but never felt I wanted to spend £8 when I had Guerlain Gina for my orange red lipstick needs. But when Colgate toothpaste had the inspired idea to give away lipsticks with toothpaste, I grabbed it. It's exceeded all my expectations. It's creamy and long wearing and it's a real head-turner. It brightens your face, and your mood. I think it's a red that makes you look younger. And it's got that potent touch of blue-red (the promised "ice") which stops it from being Ronald Macdonald and tropical. I line it with a browned red to keep it even more sedate, but for nights out I'd line it with MAC Cherry.

If you have been on the fence about it, check out the deal if you're in the UK via Boots (N/A link) ( and you'll find it for £5.99 - plus you get a toothpaste. This lipstick is better than many of my MAC quality lipsticks as it's only a tiny bit drying, or rather I should say, it's not actively hydrating as my Rouge Gs are. Apparently Rouge Gs are being discontinued! I'm not sure if this is a vicious lie. Gina is a fabulous warm red with a tiny sparkle. But I wouldn't give up Fire and Ice and I don't think they have the same aura. Fire and Ice is more retro in its gloss finish and it has a subversive coldness within the warmth. It's more high maintenance than Rouge G, as it doesn't 'set', but I'm not one who touches or licks their lips so for me it's not a problem. A shade like this defies the whims of fashion, and I'm glad I've got this classic in my collection.

Revlon Fire and Ice swatch

 Applied straight from bullet

 Lined with L'oreal Bois de Rose lipliner

The full face truly retro finished result (excuse the PJ top) 


Please share any drugstore faves you have? I'm sick of always throwing out 3/4 of my purchases!