Friday, 28 July 2017

National Lipstick Day - MAC free lipstick...

Just in case anyone doesn't already celebrate it, this Saturday (i.e. tomorrow, 29th July) is National Lipstick Day. If you live in US or Canada, you can go to any MAC counter or store and pick up a totally free, no purchase necessary, lipstick. The only catch is it'll be handed out blindly (one per person until stocks run out) and it's only from the, one can only assume dismally received, Colour Rocker collection. (Pictured above.) So hopefully it won't be the streaky pale blue one or the streaky pale yellow one ;)

If you're in UK or Ireland, we still get a "free" lipstick at any MAC counter, but we'll have to stump up £40 minimum spend before we get it. And once again, it's, one can only assume dismally received, 6 specific shades: MAC Red, Captive, Cyber, Stone, Fleshpot, or Media. I already have Fleshpot (that shade name always reminds of Jeffrey Dahmer and makes me feel queasy) and Stone. I really like Stone and I often use it to 'Autumn-ify' bright orange or pink shades so it's actually very useful. I like it alone as well, it's very 'film noir'. I'm not sure it'd tempt me to make a £40 spend - but if there's any staple you get, maybe you ought to pounce now, and grab yourself a treat...

I just wanted to let people know in case they somehow hadn't heard! Hope this helps :)

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