Sunday, 25 March 2012

Kleenex Skincare: 'Wipe the day off' Campaign and contest

This is such a great idea for a campaign!

Kleenex is always there to help wipe away your day. This spring, to mark the launch of its new Facial Cleansing Range, Kleenex is helping to wipe away embarrassing moments up and down the country. And if you share your ‘Wipe Me Away’ moment at or tweet it to @KleenexCleanse, you could win the chance to have it ‘wiped away’ with a personalised gift.

So if you’ve tripped up running for the bus, Kleenex could send you some trainers to improve your speed and stability; or if you’ve tried to take your jumper off on a hot date and got it caught on your new hoop earrings, Kleenex might just send you a sensible pair of studs for the future!

Jenny Beral, Kleenex, says: “It’s no surprise to hear that each evening women take off so much more than just their make-up. That downtime in front of the mirror is the perfect opportunity to reflect on everything that has happened, wipe away the day, and move on afresh.”

It is so true that when you wash your face off, it does herald the end of any embarrassing moments for that day.
I would share my excruciating memory of chatting up a man - right in front of his husband (of 12 years.) Actually I found it so hilarious and comforting to find out afterwards. In fact, in hindsight, his husband wore an expression of patient and knowing exasperation. So girls, if a guy looks completely unmoved when you flirt, that might be the reason...?

Kleenex Shine Absorbing Sheets are RRP** £2.99 for 50 sheets, Facial Cleansing Wipes and Eye Make- Up Removal Wipes are RRP** £2.99 for 24 wipes and Facial Cloths are RRP** £1.99 for 30 cloths. All products are available from most major retailers.

- Check out my original review of the range here.

Share your stories below - or enter the contest to win!

Earth Month with Origins / Free Origins moisturiser trade-in day coming soon!

Spring is finally here in earnest and April (Earth month) is approaching fast. If you want to help save the planet, get your elbows sharpened! Two great ways to show your support this April:

As part of their commitment to the planet, Origins has established a partnership with Global ReLeaf to plant trees to help restore areas damaged by wildfire and help clean our air and water. For every product purchased within the A Perfect World™ franchise between 15th – 28th April 2012, Origins will plant a tree on the customer’s behalf.


Also, for one day only on Saturday 21st April 2012, customers can bring in any empty skincare product (from any brand) and trade it in for a complimentary full size of either Starting Over™ Age-erasing Moisturizer with Mimosa value £36.00/€50.00 OR A Perfect World SPF25 Age-Defense Moisturizer with White Tea value £32.00/€45.00. Samples are on a first come, first serve basis with 5,000 available nationwide.

20% OFF Toni & Guy

Buy this month's Your Hair magazine (£2.99) and you can do what I did and get 20% off until 11th April. Actually, Your Hair magazine is one of my favourite reads! The hair magazines always tend to have the most interesting makeup looks, and the science and art of hair colour and cuts always inspires me too. The imagination and craft that goes into some of the images...

I had my hair highlighted but I might have it touched up a little as it looks funny when I put my hair up - to be honest I'm not sure I like it all that much... and it is very dry and damaged so will have to start using some good quality hair nourishment potions... I have yet to find a colourist I love - but anyway, I skimmed off a chunk of the cost using the voucher!

Here's a quick pic - but this is after I washed it so not looking too pretty sadly.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Collections decided by popular demand! (but hurry)

I love this, power to the people wooooo (Etc.) Bobbie Brown recently concluded her 'Bobbi Brings Back' lipstick initiative. Consumers, bereft of their favourite shades - that were so mercilessly axed - suddenly have a surge of hope. Votes were collected, and the deed is done. The 6 formerly moribund shades are now to be revived with a flourish. But hark, these shades will be available "for a limited time". Plus ça change, eh? Similarly, MAC have unveiled possibly one of their most exciting collections (unless you are an ebay seller specialising in hiked up priced LE fodder...) 'MAC By Request'. Here's the press release:

This time you decide! First time ever
M·A·C are producing a limited collection created for and by the M·A·C fans. A selection of eighteen most requested, cult classics and iconic shades, will be put up to vote on M·A·C’s Facebook page. Giving another chance for those fans out there to bring back and get their hands on the most wanted M·A·C shades!

The shades to vote on include:



First seen: launched in May 2000 and then made permanent. Discontinued in February 2011.


First seen: launched in Quite Cute collection in April 2011 and was the fastest selling shade in a collection in 2011


First seen: launched in September 1999 in the Retro Matte Lipsticks collection and then was made permanent. Discontinued in March 2011


First seen: launched in the Cuisine collection in March 2001 and was made permanent. It was discontinued in February 2011


First seen: launched in the Time Rocker collection in 1999


First seen: launched in the N collection in January 2008, then Warm and the Cozy collection and lastly in the Post-Holiday collection in 2009



First seen: launched in the Wonder Woman collection in February 2011


First seen: launched in the D’Bohemia collection in May 2005


First seen: launched in the Love Lace collection in December 2009


First seen: launched in the Lure collection in June 2006


First seen: launched in the Cult of Cherry collection in September 2008


First seen: launched in the N Collection in January 2008 and then the Warm and Cozy collection and the Post-Holiday collection in 2009



First seen: launched in the Madame B collection in March 2000


First seen: launched in the Salsabelle collection in May 2005


First seen: launched in the Cool Heat collection in June 2008


First seen: launched in the Cool Heat collection in June 2008


First seen: launched in the Danse collection in January 2006


First seen: launched in the Eden Rocks collection in May 2001

The three shades with the highest number of votes from the Lipstick, Lipglass, Eye shadow categories will form the M·A·C by Request collection that will be made available in October 2012 exclusively online,

Voting commences on the March 12th until March 30th

...Check out this very excellent comparison post for swatches to help you decide! I adore Moth Brown and Solar White eyeshadows, and I am desperate to see what the fuss about the N series was about - and definitely want to have Dita Von Teese's favourite, Moxie, back in stock! The only downside is that, once again, it will be limited edition - and only available online. Oh well, it's a start!

I must hand it to Illamasqua (again) though. Not only do they so far eschew this abhorrent practice of discontinuing items and of making L.E a point of principle, they have also launched a very impressive section of their website called 'Socialise'. I have to say, I loved that Illamasqua had a humble 'blogspot' and I always enjoyed the posts. But I admit that now, as part of the official website, it does look simultaneously extremely professional and fun. The absolute best thing about Illamasqua is how they keep up with their customers and react to each and every demand. Their new live swatching is nothing short of a revelation! Such an obvious idea, taking its cue from 'live catwalks' as per ASOS, and applying it for makeup! And I see they are also keen for swatch donations - send in your swatch pictures and even further enrich the virtual experience. Human Fundamentalism is the new Illamasqua collection, and although I've not tried it yet, I love the manic mash up of imagery - a huge dose of 90s bungled in with tribal african elements, and an ombre hen just to spice it up. They even have an old lady - with wrinkles! Shocking stuff. Taking its cue from normal people really has become Illamasqua's calling card.

Check out the collection here. They have even brought back their statement mission to make blue lips 'stick' (so to speak) but I remain for the time being unconvinced as ever... despite Alex Box claiming this particular teal tricks the eyes... I will be seeing it for myself and will report back....! The eponymous Fundamental palette, with its unusual mix of colour and texture, definitely is on my hit list.

In conclusion, I think it is great that modern consumerism means companies have to bow to The Peoples' Will, and I think it is ambitious but overwhelmingly admirable, that Illamasqua have in their latest collection, attempted to distill what modern cosmopolitan hybrids mean today. The only drawback is that Illamasqua campaigns are often so ambitious and complicated that they risk looking messy and intimidating for the average sorry 9 to 5er. All in all though, the collections all look very exciting - and that's the bottom line.

...What do you think of this sudden surge of trying to capture our favourites and let the dog have its day?

I've added a poll up there