Sunday, 26 April 2009

How often do you switch up your look? Seasonal/ Trend-driven makeup choices.

Following on from my previous post regarding brand trends and packaging or promotional related influences, I now would like to turn to the timeless question: Why do we feel compelled to switch up our look to suit the seasons? As British weather confidently (finally) turns to Spring, I feel it is now inapropriate - impudent, even - to reach for my mulberry lipstick and dark eyeshadow. I wonder when this habit began, to associate Sping/ Summer with vibrant luminous colours, and Winter with warm dark tones. It seems peculiar to have to echo the elements within our makeup routine, but I am certain we must all do it, at least to some extent....

I suppose there is something almost pagan about the way we see the changing of the seasons as an invitation to change our look.

  • Key summer trend: Coral lips

  • The beauty press seems unanimously to agree that coral lips are the best way to capture the sunshine spirit du jour. Coral is synonymous with old fashioned, yet in truth it can prove a very fuss-free way of updating your standard makeup and making it summery. But choosing the wrong coral shade can be extremely hazardous, as the orange can easily bring out yellowness in teeth or sallowness in yellow toned pale skins. Dark skins invariably benefit from coral though. Pale skins are best off with pinker corals, wheras darker skins can pull off the more red/orange coral spectrum.

    Pick your coral: from pink based coral to vivid pure coral, from dense colours to glazes, coral is the quickest route to summer makeup. Choose your colour wisely: like JLo, picking coral can knock years off you!

    - To get just a hint of coral, like Angelina Jolie, I highly recommend my new discovery:
    E.L.F Plumping lip glaze in Fire Coral

    , it's fab - especially if you are a fan of Benefit Buxom lips (i.e if you love that menthol zing). For £1.50 ($1 in U.S) it's a brilliant discovery.

    But what of those classic lips, nude and red? For some reason these choices are unrestricted by season, trend or age. Finding the perfect red is notoriously difficult, but once found, it makes skin bloom and teeth brighten. Nude lips and natural makeup can easily be updated for summer with gold glints or extra highlighter.

    Red lips, although limited to formal occasions or evening wear, are at least timeless:

    N.B: Warm red lipstick tend to be more youthful than cool blue-based red, and do not make lips look smaller in the way a classic red lip risks doing.

    Bright pink lips are a modern spin on the red lipstick: retaining the punch of colour, but in a more youthful way. Pinks are in many ways easier to wear, and suit a multitude of skintones:

    Burgundy lips though, I feel, are in many ways not restricted to seasonal whims. I believe burgundy is a sophisticated red than can be pinked up or kept deep. It has the ability to make skin look extra clear, and teeth look extra white. It has an originality that is lacking in a red lip or nude lip, and it looks great on various skintones. It can adapt to an everyday look with surprising ease. My favourite has to be Guerlain Kiss Kiss Maxi Laque in Purple Star, described perfectly as "seductive purple red". It stays on lips for ever, and dries down to a stain as the hours wear on.

    Keep your deep burgundy bright, or it can look gothic, like Christina Ricci's, recalling her Addams family roots. And as with any deep lip shade, resist the urge to go all-out like Paris Hilton. Check the pic to see why.

    ... What do you do to update your look for Spring/Summer and why? What colours do you think are undervalued?? And what colours do you feel are trend-only and not for normal wear?

    Monday, 20 April 2009

    ((I got it!!!)) And OTHER EXCITING NEWS!!!!

    I just got a text saying my MAC Cool eyes lemming has been satisfied. I feel oddly empty now.

    And thinking maybe I should have asked for Bronze Eye/Cheek instead... maybe I'll ask her to get it on the return leg of her journey haha. The lemmings never die do they, oh fellow addicts! It's just sometimes I start to doubt myself, and feel a bit old for all my colourful eyeshadows...

    Anyway, now for some other exciting news, which I'm giving YOU, my delightful blog readers!

    Over on my YouTube channel (which between you and me, is my second love, way below this blogging lark) I mentioned that I'd be holding a small first contest. It's not yet been announced, but I am here to reveal that one of my followers, Erryn, who incidentally has her own blog, has very kindly offered to help me out with my contest and make the prize something worth getting even more excited about! I am going to be announcing it once it's all been finalised and organised, but I'm tentatively aiming to get it ready by this month.

    Be sure to read Erryn's blog - I genuinely am an avid follower myself, trust me: my hair would be even worse if I hadn't learnt all those hints and tricks! It's packed with useful info, straight from a professional.

    I really hope we get a good response for this, I am so looking forward to it and I've already decided on what the contest will be. Oh and I'm opening it out to anyone and everyone, you don't even need to be a subscriber or follower (hey, it's a free country after all) though of course I would urge you to check out her blog and website, as I know you'd enjoy it!

    Please see this teaser for more info in the meantime, before the official unveiling...

    P.S. Back to normal posts soon, thanks so much for your comments I love reading them! Gx

    Saturday, 18 April 2009

    How important is it for your makeup to be exclusive and original?

    Do you like my new shoes?? I had been on the hunt for a pair that would simaltaneously tick the box 'stylish/original' and 'practical looking/ease of walking 40 minutes a day'. This was harder than anticipated, but these were the closest I could get. I would be devastated to see someone in the same pair, as that would be really embarrassing: it would mean we both went out of our way to be different, and failed in the very harshest way. Like the time I went on camp as a teenager, with a "radical" pink streak in my hair - and another girl had the same, exactly the same streak - same colour and everything ... cringe!

    "Nice hair," we both said, trying to make light of it. But inside, clearly we were both seething with rage and humiliation. So, is it better to just go for simple sobriety, black lace ups, brown neutral smokey eye and a little belted blazer? Yes, most times it probably is.

    This is a beauty blog, preaching to a beauty addicted community, who probably have all the basic colours covered, yet still yearn for the next big trend, the next big thing, the limited, exclusive or otherwise original new product to be tried and tested. Why do we persist?? This is my latest lemming:

    It's the 'cool eyes' quad. And it's a duty free exclusive. Is it too absurd to book a holiday so I can get a MAC quad which has Springtime Skipper, Flashtrack and Water Nymph in? All colours I missed and wish I hadn't... I mean, any excuse for a holiday, right?! I have lined up two people I know who are going abroad anyway, and hopefully at least one of them will get it for me, but if not, I will definitely take matters into my own hands!! I need it!!

    So, why do all beauty companies (though MAC is the greatest exponent of this technique) insist on bringing out these limited collections, seasonal collections, country exclusive collections, travel editions... why place all these unnatural barriers on your consumer? Yes, clearly it's to appeal to the same two box ticked boxes that I'd looked for in my shoe purchase, roughly: 'stylish/original' and 'practical/ease of use.' How else to achieve this than by limiting its availability, and assembling shades neatly and easily categorized. It works. And for addicts, it's no use debating the 'dupes' either - they're not exclusive, are they?

    This extends even further when it comes to niche products. I once tried a sample of the famously expensive Creme de la mer and I was comforted to find that I hated it. I was grateful to be reminded of this in an article I once read, and can agree that it did cause spots. Yet make something shiny enough, or scientific looking enough, and my hopes are raised again. That article in fact argues that we enjoy this runaround, subconsciously or consciously we allow ourselves to be lulled into the hype; perhaps somehow imagining that even a placebo effect can have its advantages. Articles like that however are all too rare, it's no secret that magazines depend on major companies to fund their publications through advertising revenue, and are understandably reluctant to antagonise their sponsors.

    Independent avenues like YouTube and blogs can run the risk of being swayed but are clearly less vulnerable. Whatstyleistonikel on Youtube went as fas as saying this sponsorship trend would sound the death knell for the YouTube makeup community, yet his own previous (very reliable and useful) review belied any real threat that this might truly be the case. Nevertheless companies are wise to realise that herein lies a passive, willing, consumer to be tapped.

    Before YouTube, aside from the fact that my makeup collection generally has exploded, I had little notion of expert blending brushes, and no notion of eye bases, mixing medium or depotting. Pixiwoo, although also a prime target for sponsorship, has made a point of refusing YouTube partnership to enforce an independent image, and never uses an eyeshadow base as she has said this is pure marketing. Although I would respectfully disagree in the sense that new products can sometimes indeed signal new scientific progress, and none more so than the marvel that is UDPP, her point in general does hold true.

    Although magazine articles arguably remain the best way to promote high-end beauty products, consumers now have the opportunity to go to independent sources to see the actual product being daubed; to hear a fellow makeup enthusiast assess its virtues in uncompromising terms.

    TV adverts are still flooded by the major brands' drugstore products, afterall these are the easiest to shift in bulk and one imagines make up their biggest revenue, being as they are designed as impulsive purchases. But it seems niche markets with a higher price point, must seek out a more exclusive audience, ripe for convincing.

    In terms of appealing to the customer on the shop floor, MAC have positioned themselves as a trend-driven, young brand. Their no-nonsense packaging reflects both the professional theme, and the rebuke towards all those austere "old lady" gold detailing so ubiquitous in Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubenstein et al. Yet even MAC have now decided a "line filler" must become part of their permanent line-up, to appease their dedicated following, who by now struggle to deal with the onslaught of fine lines, and might otherwise consider whether now they too should embrace the more senior beauty ranges.

    Clinique similarly taps into the young emergent market by having its very practical sounding 3 step program, and including acne remedies. But its emphasis is on the white coat and plain clinical (even in name) designs, so it avoids being tainted as surely as MAC in its demographic. MAC has deliberately cultivated close ties with fashion, particularly with young new designers, who are obviously delighted to be supported by a major brand.

    The MAC promo images too are usually identified by their novel design. This is in stark contrast to simpler promo images aimed at the more senior makeup consumer. Spot the difference:

    Top:EL; Bottom, MAC.

    And how easy is it to change one's perceived brand image? I suspect it will be easier for MAC to move in line with their established customer base, than it would for a company like EL, HR or EA to convince a younger generation to shake off the image of a frail granny hand carefully twisting up her golden lipstick case.

    But if Nivea manage to pull this one off, then anyone can:

    ... How do you make your beauty choices? And what does your chosen brand say about you? Does it matter to you to whether something is exclusive?

    Monday, 13 April 2009

    Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear "ShadowCreme"

    OK: These; my Chanel duo cake liner; and my Murad Blemish Kit, are my top beauty discoveries this year. They rank alongside forerunners Sweet Sienna pigment, Jewel Blue eyeshadow and those Chanel artist's gouaches that I adore. So, if not quite in the elite league of my beloved Double Wear foundation or Lancome effacernes, they are nonetheless BIG NEWS!!!

    These are selling out fast, and unfortunately for me (well, typically) my prized colour choices are all limited edition. Some of the permanent ones, notably the dark navy, are stunning and will definitely warrant my full attention when I come back in the hope for more. I do not really 'get' why or how they made these arbitrary decisions to abort certain colours and stay on with others. Indeed, there are no signs instore as to which are perm and which are LE. And my SA said that Lilac Petals was perm, yet Hele's blog post said she was told LE. Aaargh why can't sales assistants be as geeky and obsessed as us and KNOW these things!!?? It's infuriating!

    OK anyway on with the review... you might have guessed it will be positive....

    These come in 10 colours, so you are sure to find at least a handful that you love. They come in a pretty jar which unlike a paint pot, shuts securely enough not to let a ton of air in. They are the same size amount as pp and virtually the same price point.

    The colours are vivid, take minimal effort to apply and act as fantastic bases. EL DW is like a quality seal to me: the whole DW range lives up to its promise! Unlike a paintpot, these really adhered to my lid, more like a paint than a stodgy cream paintpot. EL suggests these are crease resistant for 15 hours... I would say 12 easily for me, perhaps London's Tube adds several hours worth within each half hour journey, that's quite plausible.

    I highly recommend these!!! Especially the gorgeous shades I got:

    Silver Leaf - A taupey dream come true: like Sweet Sienna in a paste, HEAVEN!!

    Sea Mist - An unbelievably true turquoise green, pure unadulterated beauty in a paste, HEAVEN!!

    Lilac Petals - A pure extremely pretty true lilac with just enough pink to keep it innocent and girly, yet just enough purple to make it anything but bland. Yes, that one's HEAVEN TOO!!

    My camera is unjust to these beauties so I am nicking some pics which speak of their glory. Nevertheless, I would urge you to check these out in person!!

    ...what are your latest beauty discoveries???

    Tuesday, 7 April 2009

    MizzWorthy Illamasqua Competition entry (Video & Description)

    It dawned on me that "The looks you've always wanted to try, but never had a reason or an excuse to... Until Now!" meant that once and for all I had to transform myself into the image I had been transfixed with for so long. It may not be as dramatic or as weird and wacky as some entries, but it's just that little bit extra than I'd be comfortable to wear out; just that smidge over the line... just enough over it to know it would provoke looks that spoke of, "hmm, she's overdone it today". But yet I yearned to be like those Dior girls: with bold green eyeshadow, stark white face, pink cheeks and dark blood red lips. And I tried, so thanks MizzWorthy for giving me the perfect occasion, finally!

    Products used:
    Tinted moisturiser (Origins Nude & Improved)
    Ipsa highlighter stick (nearly all over, to look white!)
    MAC Crushed Bougainvillea CCB
    Bare Escentuals Flowers Blusher
    MAC Sunpepper pigment
    Chanel 'vaseline' tube (YOU know the one I mean!)
    Clarins eyebrow pencil in 02 Medium

    Estee Lauder new Double Wear cream e/s in Silver leaf; Sea Mist
    MAC pigments in Chatreuse; Teal
    MAC e/s in Jewel Blue; Femme Noir
    Bare Escentuals e/s highlight in Soul
    MaxFactor MAX mascara
    Benefit Eye Bright
    Lancome le crayon Khol in Noir

    Guerlain Kiss Kiss laque in Purple Star
    Dark purple lip liner in Aubergine (can't see brand name)

    Monday, 6 April 2009

    Depotting for the Very First Time... and Estee Lauder 'haul'

    Like a saddo, as soon as I had spotted Liz's blog post, I rushed out in a pitch of feverish urgency to pick up a load of the Bronze Goddess collection. The duo pencil had definitely grabbed my attention, and is sold out on the US site so it must be good. The bronze blushes look so pretty too.

    Thinking I should kill two birds with one stone, I decided I felt brave enough to embark on my first ever attempt at depotting. MAC's very functional looking pots look like they are designed to be cracked open much like a clam shell, and all those YouTube videos made it look accordingly simple. My go-to guru is Enkore, I'm sure we all know him! I've even met him when he came to London, he was such a kind person - really helpful and giving of his time.

    Anyway having said that, I blame him for me butchering my Shale eyshadow (I started with my least fave: Shale has no lasting power, even though it's a very pretty colour). His was the 'No Heat' method. Koren is a dancer and is strong, he peels back that lip (of the lid I mean!) with an ease that simply did not translate to my puny hands.

    I managed to flip out the shadow tray of course, but then when attempting to pull the lip down to pour my alcohol in the gap, I failed. I dug my nails, my pliers, my finger, at various regular intervals, gouging deep crevices into the poor mangled shadow. Not to mention the mess. After eventually managing to free out the poor tortured Shale, with just its little shards of life seated within the pan, I decided I'll try heat. Well I don't care if it means breathing in fumes, it works, and even an absolute novice can do it. I used a hairdryer, then I used a hot light bulb (hair dryer was better, but it's my Parlux so I'm not keen on risking ruining it).

    So with my 6 empties bagged up, I went to the shopping centre to get my free MAC lipstick, and my EL collection goodies. I first went to EL. They had no idea what I was talking about. Gosh, how infuriating when you know so much more than the people behind the counter?? They were like, "Oh it's discontinued". I managed to convince them it was in fact a forthcoming collection, and eventually one looked in the staff book and it transpired that at this stage, in fact for a whole month, it's a House of Fraser exclusive. My heart sank.

    But not for long: I drowned my sorrows with the new Double Wear cream eyeshadow collection. Some of these shades, arbitrarily chosen it seems, are limited edition. I know the amazing bright turquoise Green, the Gold and the Silvery taupe are limited at least; the lovely lilac at least is perm. But I couldn't resist them, and Boots currently has, as Hele pointed out, a £6 points award for two EL items. So, I got 3. Couldn't decide between the purple and the silver, and the sales lady convinced me to treat myself...! She also said, "I can see you like your brights." haha. Quite.

    I have been assured that they do not crease. Certainly my swatches have been impossible to remove, great sign! Especially the dark navy, which now I wish I had got as a 4th, that would have made more sense as well, oh dear, maths has never been my strongest suit. Plus I didn't realise how useful a dark base would be. But I would certainly recommend the dark blue for definite! I'm going to try these out before I can heartily recommend them as well. I'm going to try the stunning green one first, as it's really bright so perfect as I want to do my look for MizzWorthy's contest and I had an idea!

    Then I went to MAC, and thankfully they barely looked at the pots (didn't even count them, I must have an honest face!) - let alone any trouble regarding the pans being missing or any suchlike trivia. The SA spent ages going through millions of lipsticks: Twig, the bright new Colour Ready shades, a multitude of others. But after all that, I just got another of my Kinda Sexy. I am not a big fan of MAC lipsticks, they all felt either very drying, or were just too sheer. Most of their range, I believe, would suit a darker skintone. Sadly all the Hello Kitty lipsticks had gone, or I'd have got another Big Bow. But Kinda Sexy at least makes lips look really big, so I'll put up with the way it makes my lips feel like they are as shrivelled as a 90 year-old's.

    PS: I also bought clothes, but I'm not sure if those would be of interest, this is strictly a makeup blog, after all. But at any rate, damage to my wallet was extensive by the close of day. And my electricity bill awaited, like some sinister harbinger of doom.

    PPS: Those depotted shadows in pic above are in the wonderful ELF palette, much better than MAC 4 pan palette, this is sturdy, MAGNETISED and has a mirror! Love it, got it in a swap. In US, these are only $1!! In UK £1.50, still pretty good! Colours are Mink & Sable, Femme Noir, Contrast and the why oh why discontinued Jewel Blue. Estee Lauder colours: Silver Leaf, Sea Mist, and Lilac Petal. (Review will follow, I have high hopes for these!) N.B: There are 10 shades available in the range.

    Sunday, 5 April 2009

    Current lemmings .... plus, my 'on the go' make up bag!

    Before I start this post, I wanted to say... yesterday I decided I was going to practise for my entry to MizzWorthy's contest. I had picked out my high fashion inspiration pic :

    and excitedly pulled out my Coastal Scents palette. I have only tested this once, and adored it. But I had a massive headache after testing it.

    Yesterday, after using a ton of it as part of my futile effort to recreate the look, (replete with beads and sequins no less), I suffered the most excruciating headache and sore throat. I have no idea if the palette is to blame (unfortunately for me, my body thinks it's a millionaire - I suffer bad reactions to any jewellery except 18ct Gold, and now I fear perhaps all makeup except high end?!!) or, if it's just a coincidence and the Spring weather is bringing on some extreme allergy. All I know is, it's really unpleasant and now I'm scared to use my palette ever again. But I have to get my entry in to this amazing contest! - Mind you, Natalya has entered now so chances have been radically slashed. So selfish of her to enter contests - How can mere mortals compete now?!!! If you haven't seen her fabulous entry, it's here.

    The other day I went to check out the newest MAC collection (yes, it's that time, again) because Caprig reviewed it, and basically said it was the greatest makeup breakthrough in the history of makeup, ever. And she uttered these dangerous words:

    "My husband rarely comments on makeup these days, so when he says something with enthusiasm, I tend to pay attention. He was amazed at how much younger I look with just Mineralize Skinfinish on and no foundation at all."

    Anyone who says anything about products that make you look so young that even a dopey husband can tell (this is me inferring of course!), well I have to take note. I have become aware of my visible frown lines, to the point where I am seriously wondering about Botox. So off I went to check out "This Fountain of Youth" (her words).

    Perfect Topping is a pale peachy shade, despite all the veining. I must take issue with MAC for making their products all veiny and swirly, so it looks like something utterly unique, but in truth most times the end result is no different to a straight-up pale peach highlighter or equivalent. So it was with this: it is categorically a highlighter (I have heard it called a blusher, but on my pale skin it is too light for that) and it is, although finely milled and smooth, still rather sparkly and glimmery. I think a humble pale shimmer eyeshadow would suffice for basic cheek highlight purposes, so I didn't pick it up.

    Then off I went to check out the Line filler prep and prime new tube, part of the other new collection 'Colour Ready'. But it reeks of gimmick, too reminiscent of my experiences with Too Faced wrinkle injection and the Prescriptives line filler tube. Has anyone tried this new Prep and Prime?? I passed on all of MAC's new offerings, although I picked up the matte Bronze which I really like (permanent item).

    I am desperate for Estee Lauder's new collection to come out, those bright blues look stunning. And by the way the new Double Wear cream eyeshadows are amazing! They are all shimmery, so I am hesitating, as I prefer matte, but they seem better than paint pots, my swatches took a great deal of rubbing before they vanished! Estee Lauder is my fave. They are £13.50 so not much more than MAC.

    Anyway, and now, thanks to being inspired by Aestheticcoo, here is a glimpse of my make up bag. Because I wear great long-wearing stuff (EL Double Wear fdtn) and UDPP, usually I never even dip into my bag so it's very much there mainly for comfort value. But here it is:

    please can YOU do one too!!!!

    I keep it all in a see-through zip up case -- VERY useful!! - I also don't have anything too precious in there, mainly small GWP so I don't weigh myself down!

    Contents out:

    Contents explained:

    The Sephora retractable brush is surprisingly good! And the clips are essential for my horrible haircut.

    Popster is a great colour, but not half as moisturising as 8 hr cream!

    I have always felt this little case offers everything I need.

    Friday, 3 April 2009


    As a general rule, I like oriental perfumes with a light hearted kick to stop it being too heavy. I like fresh scents but I also appreciate woody, more sumptuous overtones. These are the ones I've been tempted by and why.

    I started collecting perfume at a young age, fascinated by not only the bottle designs, but also of course by the way a scent captures an emotion or attitude. In many ways, I supect my initial perfume collection was very much a prelude to my consuming interest in beauty generally!

    • Donna Karan New York Perfume "A blend of rare Casablanca lilies, .... created to duplicate the skin scent of suede and the cuddly warmth of cashmere." PERFECT! Beautiful oriental, rich and luxurious and utterly unique, very distictive.

    • Donna Karan DKNY Perfume "A cold, strict and elegant fragrance for daily and office use. An energicetic wave of the top awaits you with the notes of green tomato leaves, red orange juice and cold vodka. The floral heart is composed of water lily, orchid and daffodil. The composition closes with the mild and pleasant notes of birch and tulip." - erm, I agree with the office use bit... it's the ultimate office perfume, very professional and sharp/ serious/ sophisticated, but ultimately but this smells like detergent or soap to me.

    • Calvin Klein Euphoria (original) Perfume "Calvin Klein Euphoria opens with the exotically fruity notes of pomegranate and kaki, supported by rich green notes and a sensual floral heart of lotus, champaca and black orchid. The base of this beautiful perfume reveals deeply sexy black violet garbed in amber and carnal musks." - Yes, this perfume manages to open with a fresh, light-heated fruitiness, but then expand to a more mysterious oriental scent. The main notes are rose hip, Japanese apple, green leaves, Lotus, black orchid, red woods, black violet and amber.

    • Giorgio Armani Elle "An oriental vanilla fragrance. It was launched in 1998.Top notes are pineapple, lime, tuberose, mandarin orange, pear and bergamot; middle notes are orris root, jasmine, heliotrope and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, vanilla and cedar." - A heavier version of my favourite theme: fruity start giving way to a heady musky vanilla and sandalwood base. Less subtle than my other choices, this seems somewhat younger and less sophisticated to me now.
    • Iceberg Fluid "Soft floral and fruity, with a determined start, sweet freshness at heart and cozy woody notes with vanilla finishing the composition. Citrus freshness of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit, associated with juicy pear and aromatic basil – make almost masculine harsh top, followed by the flowery notes of jasmine and heliotrope with a nuance of juniper. Vanilla, musk, tonka bean, sandalwood and cedar are settled at the base." - This scent is very similar to my fave Donna Karan perfume, it's a refined, oriental, woody fragrance. A feminine scent due to its blend of oriental fruits and flowers, but with low notes of musk, woods and amber.

    • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea "A citrus aromatic fragrance for women.Top notes are rhubarb, mint, orange peel, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are carnation, musk, jasmine, oakmoss and white amber; base notes are caraway, amber, musk, green tea, jasmine, cloves, oakmoss and celery seeds." - Like DKNY, this is a great office scent, and really citrusy and clean. I love the lotion and shower get version of this as well, this scent is definitely my everyday staple.

    • Clarins Par Amour Toujours "A floral fruity scent; Top notes are pink pepper and black currant; middle notes are and grapefruit; base notes are rose and raspberry." - A very innocent light fresh rose smell (i.e not heavy musky rose) Extremely girly, innocent: quite simple little perfume, aimed by Clarins for "daughters" as opposed to the Par Amour, but I don't think it smells too young for women. Lasting power not great, has to be re-applied, but very lovely smelling all the same. - I got this because I wanted to smell attractive rather than 'modern' or 'edgy' or even 'confident'... in many ways this is the antithesis of all those things. I won't be re-buying, but it's good to have it for days when you want to give a more submissive and traditionally 'feminine' impression.
    • Hermes Un Jardin Sur le Nil "Inspired by the travel to Egypt (The Garden on the Nile). Explosive green grapefruit is timed by the floral-pineapple aroma of green mango and sweetly sheer lotus scent. The composition is then taken over by the calamus, sycamore and frankincense. The creator did not define whether this is a fragrance for women or for men. It can be used by both." -Although this fragrance is fresh and light, its lasting ower is brilliant and it never fails to lift my spirits - it's so fresh, confident, distinctive... there's something very very green about it, like fresh cut grass, it bursts out with an energy that is so invigorating. I'd describe it as a very fresh but still softly oriental scent. It's LOVE!

    ... Would really enjoy hearing what YOUR faves are?? xx