Tuesday, 7 April 2009

MizzWorthy Illamasqua Competition entry (Video & Description)

It dawned on me that "The looks you've always wanted to try, but never had a reason or an excuse to... Until Now!" meant that once and for all I had to transform myself into the image I had been transfixed with for so long. It may not be as dramatic or as weird and wacky as some entries, but it's just that little bit extra than I'd be comfortable to wear out; just that smidge over the line... just enough over it to know it would provoke looks that spoke of, "hmm, she's overdone it today". But yet I yearned to be like those Dior girls: with bold green eyeshadow, stark white face, pink cheeks and dark blood red lips. And I tried, so thanks MizzWorthy for giving me the perfect occasion, finally!

Products used:
Tinted moisturiser (Origins Nude & Improved)
Ipsa highlighter stick (nearly all over, to look white!)
MAC Crushed Bougainvillea CCB
Bare Escentuals Flowers Blusher
MAC Sunpepper pigment
Chanel 'vaseline' tube (YOU know the one I mean!)
Clarins eyebrow pencil in 02 Medium

Estee Lauder new Double Wear cream e/s in Silver leaf; Sea Mist
MAC pigments in Chatreuse; Teal
MAC e/s in Jewel Blue; Femme Noir
Bare Escentuals e/s highlight in Soul
MaxFactor MAX mascara
Benefit Eye Bright
Lancome le crayon Khol in Noir

Guerlain Kiss Kiss laque in Purple Star
Dark purple lip liner in Aubergine (can't see brand name)


  1. Great job on the look! You nailed it:) Good luck! I hope you win it!!!!

  2. Oh thank you, you are so kind to me! I'll never forget you as my first follower, thanks so much as always... Not sure it's winning stuff haha, but it was fun! Are you thinking of entering...unleashing your wild side?? Xx

  3. Great entry hun, and I'm glad you had fun doing this - that was what I was aiming for all the entrants to do! xxx

  4. By the way - you have AMAZING skin xxx

  5. Oh what a wonderful thing to say!! Thanks! My skin's gone really good ever since I started using Murad blemish Kit, which has an amazing face wash that is just a miracle! I've been getting loads of compliments lately, I must re-buy it haha. (Mind you, a ton of makeup always helps...!) xx

  6. Ohhh this is just beautiful! You are so stunning, you have the most perfect face!!! Oooh just reading your comment above about the Murad products, are they really good? I have been thinking about purchasing these as my skin has gone to hell! Just added myself as a follower : )

  7. That's an amazingly kind thing to say, thanks!!

    Yes that Murad kit has been a godsend to me, I would really highly recommend it.

    Just sneaked a peak at your entry, I'm upset to see such stiff competition!! ;) I might do another look, as this was so much fun. To be honest, I wish I could wear extreme catwalk makeup all the time! Shame it's 'not done'.