Monday, 13 April 2009

Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear "ShadowCreme"

OK: These; my Chanel duo cake liner; and my Murad Blemish Kit, are my top beauty discoveries this year. They rank alongside forerunners Sweet Sienna pigment, Jewel Blue eyeshadow and those Chanel artist's gouaches that I adore. So, if not quite in the elite league of my beloved Double Wear foundation or Lancome effacernes, they are nonetheless BIG NEWS!!!

These are selling out fast, and unfortunately for me (well, typically) my prized colour choices are all limited edition. Some of the permanent ones, notably the dark navy, are stunning and will definitely warrant my full attention when I come back in the hope for more. I do not really 'get' why or how they made these arbitrary decisions to abort certain colours and stay on with others. Indeed, there are no signs instore as to which are perm and which are LE. And my SA said that Lilac Petals was perm, yet Hele's blog post said she was told LE. Aaargh why can't sales assistants be as geeky and obsessed as us and KNOW these things!!?? It's infuriating!

OK anyway on with the review... you might have guessed it will be positive....

These come in 10 colours, so you are sure to find at least a handful that you love. They come in a pretty jar which unlike a paint pot, shuts securely enough not to let a ton of air in. They are the same size amount as pp and virtually the same price point.

The colours are vivid, take minimal effort to apply and act as fantastic bases. EL DW is like a quality seal to me: the whole DW range lives up to its promise! Unlike a paintpot, these really adhered to my lid, more like a paint than a stodgy cream paintpot. EL suggests these are crease resistant for 15 hours... I would say 12 easily for me, perhaps London's Tube adds several hours worth within each half hour journey, that's quite plausible.

I highly recommend these!!! Especially the gorgeous shades I got:

Silver Leaf - A taupey dream come true: like Sweet Sienna in a paste, HEAVEN!!

Sea Mist - An unbelievably true turquoise green, pure unadulterated beauty in a paste, HEAVEN!!

Lilac Petals - A pure extremely pretty true lilac with just enough pink to keep it innocent and girly, yet just enough purple to make it anything but bland. Yes, that one's HEAVEN TOO!!

My camera is unjust to these beauties so I am nicking some pics which speak of their glory. Nevertheless, I would urge you to check these out in person!!

...what are your latest beauty discoveries???


  1. It says on the EL website which ones are limited! It's a shame, they should all be permanent! X

  2. Ah yes, so they do!! When I went on the website last week they weren't on yet. hmmm... Where's Silver Leaf?? Any chance that one might be perm!? Don't tell me sold out... Gosh I thought EL didn't do this, this is literally as traumatic as MAC!!! I love them.

    OK must try to find backups asap. New love for sure! xx Thanks!

  3. These colours look amazing! I need to go and check these out. Thanks for swatching them. xxNadia

  4. Thanks, that's not my hand, but it is a VERY accurate swatch! These really are stunning, make sure you check them out xxx

  5. How do you apply these? I have one the golden apricot one but am still wondering how best to apply it. I was using just an ordinary 239 eyeshadow brush.

  6. Hi Av, humble finger is best! Ooh the golden apricot might be best on my hitlist actually... I just love them all!! If you prefer a brush, I'd imagine 217 would work best. Thanks!! xx

  7. Lovely lovely colours - I've never really been into EL but me wants that silver one! And that purple one! and apricot sounds lovely... gah! xxx

  8. I may go look at Silverleaf. That looks like something I'd wear everyday. If you ever have the chance to check out Benefit's pp inspired cream eyeshadows, do so...these last really well too. Hope all is well with you!

  9. @ Mizzworthy

    You should so get the apricot!!x

  10. @ Aestheticcoo

    Hey you! I keep hearing about those creaseless cream shadows (I assume those are the ones you mean) They are supposedly amazing. Yes, I must look into them, I think 'skinny jeans' is the must-have??!

    Well Silver leaf is gorgeous, literally same taupey colour as our beloved sweet sienna pigment, so very practical. Why they made it LE is beyond me!! It was selling out really fast! Let me know if you get it! xx

  11. I love cream shadows :>I just sent you some of the ELF cream shadows.I got me some too but I havent tried them yet.They are supposed to be creaseless as well.I put them on my hand and they didnt seem to slide or smear easily.I ADORE that sea mist color!Almost looks like a peacock blue.That would be a fun look....peacock inspired (that is my fav color palatte)

  12. @

    Hi Erryn!

    Thanks sooo much!!! I will let you know how I get on!

    The green I must admit is my fave, the colour will blow your mind in person (well haha nearly!) - it is just such a pure clean turquoisey shade, it almost seems a shame to use it as a base. I've only used it once so far (as base for my first contest look to mizzworthy) and it was fab!I'll cry when it runs out. You should try it instore xx Very unique!