Sunday, 5 April 2009

Current lemmings .... plus, my 'on the go' make up bag!

Before I start this post, I wanted to say... yesterday I decided I was going to practise for my entry to MizzWorthy's contest. I had picked out my high fashion inspiration pic :

and excitedly pulled out my Coastal Scents palette. I have only tested this once, and adored it. But I had a massive headache after testing it.

Yesterday, after using a ton of it as part of my futile effort to recreate the look, (replete with beads and sequins no less), I suffered the most excruciating headache and sore throat. I have no idea if the palette is to blame (unfortunately for me, my body thinks it's a millionaire - I suffer bad reactions to any jewellery except 18ct Gold, and now I fear perhaps all makeup except high end?!!) or, if it's just a coincidence and the Spring weather is bringing on some extreme allergy. All I know is, it's really unpleasant and now I'm scared to use my palette ever again. But I have to get my entry in to this amazing contest! - Mind you, Natalya has entered now so chances have been radically slashed. So selfish of her to enter contests - How can mere mortals compete now?!!! If you haven't seen her fabulous entry, it's here.

The other day I went to check out the newest MAC collection (yes, it's that time, again) because Caprig reviewed it, and basically said it was the greatest makeup breakthrough in the history of makeup, ever. And she uttered these dangerous words:

"My husband rarely comments on makeup these days, so when he says something with enthusiasm, I tend to pay attention. He was amazed at how much younger I look with just Mineralize Skinfinish on and no foundation at all."

Anyone who says anything about products that make you look so young that even a dopey husband can tell (this is me inferring of course!), well I have to take note. I have become aware of my visible frown lines, to the point where I am seriously wondering about Botox. So off I went to check out "This Fountain of Youth" (her words).

Perfect Topping is a pale peachy shade, despite all the veining. I must take issue with MAC for making their products all veiny and swirly, so it looks like something utterly unique, but in truth most times the end result is no different to a straight-up pale peach highlighter or equivalent. So it was with this: it is categorically a highlighter (I have heard it called a blusher, but on my pale skin it is too light for that) and it is, although finely milled and smooth, still rather sparkly and glimmery. I think a humble pale shimmer eyeshadow would suffice for basic cheek highlight purposes, so I didn't pick it up.

Then off I went to check out the Line filler prep and prime new tube, part of the other new collection 'Colour Ready'. But it reeks of gimmick, too reminiscent of my experiences with Too Faced wrinkle injection and the Prescriptives line filler tube. Has anyone tried this new Prep and Prime?? I passed on all of MAC's new offerings, although I picked up the matte Bronze which I really like (permanent item).

I am desperate for Estee Lauder's new collection to come out, those bright blues look stunning. And by the way the new Double Wear cream eyeshadows are amazing! They are all shimmery, so I am hesitating, as I prefer matte, but they seem better than paint pots, my swatches took a great deal of rubbing before they vanished! Estee Lauder is my fave. They are £13.50 so not much more than MAC.

Anyway, and now, thanks to being inspired by Aestheticcoo, here is a glimpse of my make up bag. Because I wear great long-wearing stuff (EL Double Wear fdtn) and UDPP, usually I never even dip into my bag so it's very much there mainly for comfort value. But here it is:

please can YOU do one too!!!!

I keep it all in a see-through zip up case -- VERY useful!! - I also don't have anything too precious in there, mainly small GWP so I don't weigh myself down!

Contents out:

Contents explained:

The Sephora retractable brush is surprisingly good! And the clips are essential for my horrible haircut.

Popster is a great colour, but not half as moisturising as 8 hr cream!

I have always felt this little case offers everything I need.


  1. EEEEK - Your experience with the coastal scents palette sounds horrific! I hope you find a way around it though, as I'd love to see your look after being inspired by this! XXX

  2. I had a bad experience with an Estee Lauder foundation, many years ago, and never returned to their counter until just recently. (Thanks to your recommendation for Double Wear foundation!) And then I noticed their color collections, tried out some of their eyeshadows, and now I am loving Estee Lauder. They have some really nice products.

    My makeup bag: powder, retractable powder brush, lip palette. That's it! I like to put my makeup on in the morning and forget about it.

    So of course I'm a fan of longwear makeup. I have a feeling I'll be trying out some of the cream eyeshadows very soon. :)


  3. P.S. Since I criticized their foundations in my previous comment, I wanted to stress that I now *love* Double Wear. The one I didn't like before was a cream-to-powder foundation that has since been discontinued.

  4. I was intrigued by the line fillers. I've never tried one since I figured these are similar to silicone bases. I think I may pass.

    Good luck on the contest! Looking forward to seeing your look! I'm sorry to hear that your having headaches. Feel better. I hope you discover what's causing these.

  5. @ Mizzworthy

    Yes, it'll take more than a gruesome headache allergy to stop me entering haha! I might choose a different pic now, well, I have a million ideas - so let's hope one works out! Thanks again for organising it xxx

  6. @Laurore44

    I agree, I like to apply and then assume it'll last - nothing worse than catching sight of yourself and there's no foundation or blusher left, or smeared creased eyeshadow or all manner of other horrors (shudder!)

    I find most of EL top notch, esp anything labelled 'Double Wear'!! So I have high hopes for the Double Wear cream shadows. None of the colours grabbed me: a matte cream would have been excellent; they did have a lovely taupe shimmer one ... hmm I will have a think.

    - If you try them before me, let me know if it creases? Thanks!! - I don't want them if I'll have to still use UDPP under, way too much work! xx

  7. @Aestheticcoo

    Yeah, I reckon it must be silicone too, they can't work, surely?

    I feel a lot better, thanks! Are you entering the contest? You could do a wild look with your Paradise quad!!I'm very tempted by Illamasqua, the range seems right up my street, I will have to check it out in person one of these days...

    P.S have you had a chance to try the lilac lips out yet? ;)


  8. I did finally give the lilac lip a go but, of course, it doesn't look great straight on my lips. I did a look on my face, then a face chart of it(thought of your vampire;) so I'll have to post it maybe...didn't turn out all that great (the face chart - the look wasn't half bad). Anyway...I did a berry stain under a light covering of the lilac shade and topped it off with a pinky sheer lipgloss. Really pretty. Thank you so much for sending those! I'm enjoying it.

  9. ... sounds very nice! Would love to see it, I may even get one for myself haha, if there's a way to make it wearable?! I just got a little Guerlain lipgloss, (because of you, you drove me to the Guerlain counter with that post!)xx but I am so broke right now, I feel a bit guilty... :(

  10. Gail your bag looks so sparse next to mine :O You have that natural beauty though I have to work harder for mine :P
    My hubby thought I was crazy when I was taking pics of my makeup bag last night and I told him its a girl thang.A girls makeup bag is like her little bag of treasures.

  11. haha I doubt that! But it's very true: your makeup bag did rather put mine to shame!!!

    I used to lug around a huge bag too, but then I realised I wasn't using much of it, and it was bad for my back haha! so I pared it right down. I find my EL DW really holds up well throughout the day luckily.. I also have nightmares that I'll lose my bag so it's good to know nothing too precious is in there!

    Makeup bags are rather a secretive thing, men would never understand...!!! xx