Tuesday, 19 May 2009

[[closed]] Contest!!!! Describe your signature look.

I admit to being oddly mesmerised by people's signature look: everyone has one, even if it is a different look every day - it still is bound to have the use of your regular technique.... Or if you deny this, prove it!! I want to know your tips and tricks and the way you feel your features most benefit from your makeup. In return, you'll get a selection of makeup, haircare, nail care, trinkets and Topshop accessories (well it is my favourite shop after all, and I need to distinguish myself from all the other billion contests going on right now, n'est-ce-pas?) - as picked by me and as sponsored by haircare expert Erryn. Erryn's blog is so packed out with tips that it's literally changed the way I act on my haircare and hopefully has already shielded me from a multitude of hair disasters.

Please browse her store, Erryn's Health and Beauty to decide what you might spend $50 on.... because yes, that's something you'd do if you win first prize! But that's not all, you'll also get the Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque lipgloss I've been loving, GOSH Darling lipstick, China Glaze nail varnish... the list goes on below - scroll down for photos too!

Anyway hopefully this video will explain all:

Here is the list:


$50 Voucher to "Erryn's Health and Beauty"

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque lipgloss (shade 721 Purple Star)

GOSH Darling lipstick

Mavala "Deep Blue" nail varnish

China Glaze "Shower Together" nail varnish

Essie "It's in the bag" nail varnish

Creative Nail Design "Solar Oil" nail treatment

Creative Nail Design block nail file

Tigi "Rockaholic Shine Blaster" hair treatment

Trucco "Jewel" in "warm iridescent rose"

Jewelled heart double sided compact mirror

Professional tweezers

Trucco retractable lip brush

And... Topshop

- Flower brooch
-Leather/bead flower bracelet
-Dangly sparkly earrings


Paul Mitchell Colour Protect trio: includes Shampoo, Conditioner and Reconstructive Treatment

Joico reconstructive hair treatment

Barry M nail varnishes (in "Bright Pink" and "Fuschia")

Trucco lip pencil in "Soft Plum"

2 Handbag sized hand moisturisers, one Jasmine by O.P.I and one Blackcurrant and Fig by Creative Nail Design

Topshop flower brooch

Topshop polka dot bow earrings


2 new pairs of false eyelashes (each has little glue tube inside)

Lip polish by Graham Webb

An assortment of samples from Erryn' store, includes specialist shampoo, cream, Trucco lip gloss etc

Topshop zip star wallet keyring

Topshop hairband with silk flower detail



  1. To start, my interest in makeup was rekindled about a year ago when I was off with knee surgery and spent countless hours on you tube discovering this little known world of makeup gurus. I was instantly brought back to something that was so important to me but had taken a back seat through lack of caring for myself. My signature look is liquid liner with a soft wash of colour on my eye....usually shroom or yogurt from MAC. I have big brown eyes and this makes them pop and it's a definate classic look. My cheeks are chubby so I have a hard time defining them and use a lot cheek stains that deliver soft colour. My biggest tip is to keep brows tweezed and clean in an effort to keep focus on my eyes. I love your polished persona and great accent. I hope I win. Cheers.

  2. Ah excellent tale! Rather heartwarming too, thanks!

    (Please remember to check back to leave your contact details or email me, in case you're a winner.)

    Good luck and thank you so much again! Great start xx

  3. Every woman should have a signature look that work for her! Something you do every day that is quick easy and makes you feel great! Im a liquid winged liner girl myself. Good luck everyone im looking forward to getting some ideas!

  4. Ah Erryn, my partner in crime!

    That reminds me, I've been using MAC fluidlines lately (you should try it, might get you hooked on MAC!!) but my heart will always lie with good old fashioned pencil eyeliner I think, for that true retro look. Can't wait for people to enter! Thanks again for all your very kind help xxxx

  5. Wow fantasticccc prizes! Count me in!!! I will have to have a thinkkkk :)

  6. OK, I am a frumpy mummy. I am overwhelmed with work, kids and housework, I have no free time and, while I probably could find the money to treat myself, I never bother.

    But here is the thing, I want to take more interest in myself and my appearance. I want to, but I haven't got the slightest idea where I should start and I am too embarrassed to ask for professional help.

    baggyk at yahoo dot com

  7. Hi Kate!
    I have been "in the business" for 18 years and am a mom of 3 who runs a busy business so I guess that makes me a pro?
    I know EXACTLY what it is like to forget yourself in the process of being a mama.
    Think about your kids(especially if you have daughters) You want them to have the world the sun and the moon! They learn from your example and when you take care of yourself, your teaching your kids to take care of themselves too.Taking care of you is NOT selfish!

    Set mini goals for yourself, even if you dont feel like fulfilling them, do it anyway and eventually youll find joy in it again.Commit yourself to putting mascara and lipgloss on every day.Or buying yourself ONE outfit a month you feel good in and dont buy the kids anything on that shopping trip. Decide to have your hair done by a certain time even if it is only on the weekends at first.

    If your signature look is pony tail and comfy PJ's your at the right place!

  8. @ Kate
    Yes, excellent points made above by Erryn. Great advice. The main thing to remember is that although it's easy to slip into that frumpy role, it's equally easy to get back to your glamorous self! Good luck and let me know how it goes! Have my fingers crossed for you xx

  9. There is some great advice on here and the prizes are awesome, thanks!!

  10. While reading the tips from others is a good time...you have to enter to win!
    Take 5 minutes and tell everyone what you do in the morning even if it sounds mundane to you it may be something different than everyone else does:>
    Im not entering of course but my everyday "signature" look
    I use a cream waterproof silver/gray eyeshadow and a bit of dark plum or black liquid liner for my "wings".A little cream blusher and nude or light pink lip gloss.And of course my imju paint of false eyelash mascara.
    I try to keep the focus on my eyes instead of my chubby cheeks :P

  11. I have blue eyes and look the best in cool taupes, so those are my favorite to wear on my eyes. I especially like Stila Cloud, MAC Smoke & Diamonds and a few from Clinique that are my favorites. I also need to make sure I fill in my brows and that I wear blush. Blush is a must since I have no color to my face and I look very tired without it! Those are my signiture everyday makeup items.

  12. I also forgot to add that another absolute must is powder, and I tend to get really shiny and blotting papers. I have to blot at least twice a day with blotting papers. Lastly I always wear some sort of perfume.. I have to wear some sort of scent everyday!

  13. I have been searching for a while for my signature look, something that is fullproof and i can a lot with. Recently i have come up with a look that always looks nice and i have been doing it almost everyday now! :) Its just light color on lid then any darker color in the crease with black always winged eyeliner on my top lash line an have the outside of my lower lashline with black. Then white eyeliner in the inside of my lower lashline and loads of mascara top and bottom :) Usualy on my face i just do foundation bronzer light pink on cheeks and nude lips.

    I do the winged eyeliner to make my eyes look more cat like as they pull down a bit. then i play up their size by putting on the white eyeliner to make me look bright and awake. i always think light pink blusher looks great as it gives you a nice glow :) i also put powder on my lashes after the first coat to make them look fuller.


  14. @Susan

    Very good tips, I would second all of those! Stila Diamond Lil is very similar to Smoke and Diamonds, you'd love that too! And for blue eyes, I'm envious, you could get away with billions of wacky colours and it'd look fab! You ought to try rusty oranges and such. Thanks, you've given me a lot to think about! Good luck, and pls leave me a contact email for your entry. Thanks again!! xx

  15. @ Superficialgirl

    wow, great entry - and that is so funny: you could be describing my signature look! Apart from that mascara tip, ooh I can't wait to test that out!! It's kind of sad but I do get the most compliments when I stick to that simple look as you described, rather than go all out with colour. Very interesting! Thank you again!! xx

    PS. I love ELF palettes haha! great post!

  16. I used to do that with my lashes all the time!
    It does work:> One thing I do sometimes too is take a stick foundation in one shade or so darker than my natural skin and streak it across the bridge of my nose to my cheek bones and right across my forehead a little then put my foundation over top of it and blend it. Kinda gives me some color without looking too "blushy".

  17. Sophie gaumond31 May 2009 at 15:49

    im not that old so my interest in makeup kinda came like last year or so.
    before that i thought makeup looked really odd on me.then i started with flashy makeup and got an interest in it so i thought why not. my collection has increased SOO much in this past year.but anyway on to my signature look. I actually used to wear much brighter eyeshadow and still do but these days i go for a neutral look i got this cream eyeshadow in kinda pink which i bought at an Yves Rocher store and love it i apply it on my li kinda givers a pinky soft look but also irridiscent. i dont use foundation but i apply clinique's city block wich is like a sunblock a bit tinted. i apply sometimes black eyeliner were my lashes are since it makes them look thicker i curl them and add mascara but not too much i hate when it clumps. I put ipgloss when i feel like it or lip balm over lip stick cause since im younger it looks weird so i put it on after i exfoliate my lips and then take it off a bit so its like a lip tint and then add some lipgloss. and thats my signature look .hope i win=)

    didnt know if i ad to leave you my email so anyway.

  18. I'm all over the place when it comes to makeup. I'm not one of those people who can't leave the house without makeup, so it just depends on how much time I have and what mood I'm in.

    But if I need to look presentable at work, it's all about long-wearing makeup and neutral colors. Usually I'll wear a liquid foundation, a bright blush applied with a light hand, and a medium-toned lipstick. (I'm not into the pale/nude lip look.) I usually line my lips with a pink pencil too. On eyes, it's usually a light beige on the lid, shimmery brown or taupe in the crease/outer V, black shadow as liner, and black mascara. (My hair is black, so black liner looks more natural on me than brown.) I use setting powder only on the shiny areas of my face.

    I haven't gotten into the habit of using concealers (although I probably should), but I like the liquid undereye "luminizers" like Touche Eclat (and I have a similar one from Lancome too) which camouflage the eye area and make me look more awake.

    As for celebrity looks- I don't usually try to copy them because I tend to admire the more unusual red-carpet looks, like Tilda Swinton with her no-makeup look or Natalie Portman in her purple Oscars look.


    Laurore44 at yahoo dot com

  19. Enter Me! (:
    i think your contest sound totally FUN!
    xxxxxxxxxx- BeautifyingTV

  20. Enter me as well :)

    My sig look when it comes to makeup includes winged back eyeliner (i,e, MAC blacktrack) and a neutral smokey eye using a light beige color and MAC satin taupe in the crease with sketch on te outer corners....also, a light pinky nude lip (like Revlon Nude attitude with a pink gloss...such as smashbox pout which is my fave!!)..black mascara always....foundation includes revlon colorstay and a light bronzer on my cheeks and high areas of my face

  21. I got interested in makeup when I was 11. I used to try on my dads girlfriends makeup and dance around the mirror, puckering and batting my lashes. Now as an adult my passion has grown into a beautiful bouquet of colors shades and textures! I love browns,golds,peaches and corals. Reds,plums and even greens make me blush too! As for a beauty secret I have to vouche for the ever so succulent almond oil! I love to warm it a little and massage into my skin and neck in the winter months. In the summer I love pink glossies and a splash of pure orange essence water to perk up my skin.

  22. I am totally allergic to almonds :<
    I heard emu oil is great, but there is something that disturbs me about juicing an emu for its oil...

  23. Some excellent ideas coming through, I must look into those! xx

  24. my signature makeup look is long lashes. To achieve long lashes, i heat up my eyelash curler with my blow dryer, curl my lashes, and then add a coat or two of my glameyes mascara in true black. This gives me a girly, almost babydoll-ey look, which i love!

    I also like to contour my face by adding a slightly darker powder than my skintone to my jaw line. I have learned over the years that to make a longer face appear less drawn out, you want to contour the jaw, to create a shadow effect, thus the face then looking less elongated.

    I hope this explains alot, and helps!

  25. as a new mother i struggled to "reconnect" with my signature look that included a well put together appearance. I had to find myself again and something that would not only be quick and easy to do but something that i could feel beautiful in!
    My signature look has really become my nail art/designs on my nails. i love bold beautiful colors with twists on french tips and catchy designs. Since my daughter is so attached to me, i haven't had the time to go to a salon but I now do it at home changing my colors on a weekly basis!!

  26. i am like 14..so my fav routine is a bronze shadow over my lid...mascara[sometimes Revlon eyeliner pencil in green 14 ]and loreal color riche star secrets lipstick in aishwarya beige......and if i have slight pigmentation,some Revlon medicated concealer with salicylic acid

  27. For years, I used the same eyeshadow colours on my eyes – peachy coral, brown and black from drugstore brands. I curled my lashes and applied clear mascara (one wonders why I bothered!). I owned no foundations or blushes because they ALL caused breakouts! So, only the eyes and lips had makeup. I admit I looked very plain.

    I was getting married last year. As the big day loomed, I was desperate to find a ‘miracle’ foundation and blush that would not clog my pores and cause acne. Well, the bride needs to have a flawless radiant face on her wedding day, right? Through lots of research on mineral makeup, I discovered the Jane Iredale brand. I bought the concealer, the foundation and the blush and tried them on my face. I was terribly paranoid, so I did patch tests at the beginning and graduated to full-face within a span of four weeks. No breakouts! Can you imagine the joy?! Finally a foundation that works for me! Thanks to this brand, I was able to look radiant on my wedding day (despite the high humidity) and not have to suffer from breakouts the weeks after that. Today, I’m still a loyal user of Jane Iredale makeup. I trust its quality with all my heart. It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth every cent. So, to those of you who may have similar problems like I used to have, do give Jane Iredale a try.

    Like some of you, I’ve also become (very) addicted to watching youtube beauty videos (shhh, my husband has no idea about this addiction!). I’ve learnt so much from the generous ladies out there who share their knowledge and tips on makeup. I’ve become more adventurous now with eye makeup – I can’t believe I actually have shimmery green and golden eyeshadows in my collection now! :o But when I want a safe and simple look, I’d go for neutral browns and black. Here’s what I do: After I wash my face and while my eyelashes are still damp, I would use the back of my index finger to ‘push up’ my lashes to pre-curl them (I have rather straight lashes, you see?). And then, contrary to what other people do, I curl my eyelashes BEFORE applying eyemakeup. This way, I keep my eyelash curler clean and free from eye makeup gunk. Also, if I’m using liquid eyeliner, I can immediately progress to mascara (no issue of waiting for the eyeliner to dry before using the eyelash curler). Then, I apply an eyelid primer by Jane Iredale and then the eyeshadows (I use Coastal Scents’ Neutral Pallette) - light brown on the lid, dark brown for the outer corner and crease, black for the outer edge and off-white on the inner corners. I like using a dark brown pencil eyeliner (my current favourite is the Pencil Me In eyeliner) and after that, black mascara (Maybelline Volume Express works great on me), with extra emphasis on the outer lashes by sweeping/dragging the lashes outwards with the mascara brush. This gives the outer lashes extra length and opens up my eyes even more.

    Then it’s on to foundation and a dark pink blush (Jane Iredale of course!). The blush is a dual-color blush (Twice Blush in Ginger & Whisper), so the darker shade can be used to contour my cheeks. And for my lips, I use Stila Lip Glaze Stick in Starfruit. A spritz of my favourite perfume, Elizabeth Arden’s True Love, makes me feel very womanly. (Too bad it’s been discontinued. I don’t know what I’d do when I finish my bottle.) Finally, a bracelet round my wrist. I almost never leave home without a bracelet. Which bracelet I wear depends on the occasion – crystal beads for casual and dainty silver ones for formal. That’s my signature look. Made up and accessorised. No more feeling and looking plain!

    Sorry this is so long. Hope this is helpful. Thanks for letting me share this, Gail and Erryn. : )

    whitoxicity at googlemail dot com

  28. Wow my signature look???? This is hard, i have only recently gotten back into makeup, after a 13 year hiatus... I have fallen in love with youtube and beauty blogs, so i have found a lot of great tips and tricks that i have tried on myself over the past few months... so here is what i guess would be my signature look/everyday look...

    I start each morning with washing my face, I love aveeno brand cleansers, the after toning, i apply a mineral face primer w/ SPF 12(Ulta brand).

    I have found a really cool way to utilize a foundation that i love but is a little too dark,(Cover Girl, TRU Blend) I mix the foundation half and half with my aveeno luminous daily moisturizer, it makes my foundation the perfect color and gives me this healthy looking glow...I love it...

    I apply a mineral powder, finishing veil (maybelline brand) on top of my foundation to set it for the day. Then, I apply a shimmering bronzer (Jane, Mojave, my all time fave) to my cheek bones in a 3 shape... i feel that this really gives me such a healthy glow, especially when I pair it with a dab a blush, on the apples of my cheeks (Milani, Mai Tai)

    Now, if I have time I will put on a little bit of shadow, usually a light color all over w/ a matte color in my crease, if not I just add my fave mascara, (Lash Blast, Cover Girl), and sometimes a bit of black eyeliner (HIP, Black Liquid Liner)...
    and then of course I use a clear mascars to comb and shape my eye brows, this really helps to keep them in place all day (ELF Clear Mascara)...

    and to finish my look, I put on my Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant w/ Sunscreen SPF 15, then top that off w/ my NYX Real Nude Lip gloss...

    So, as you can see it is a pretty natural look, I really like my eyes so I tend to focus on them rather than my lips, keeping the lips nude.

    My main tips for keeping a youthful healthy look would be to wash off makeup before bed each night, drink plenty of water and always wear sunscreen and moisturizer.

    Thanks for holding this contest,I hope I answered as you wanted and where you wanted. Good luck to all the participants... The prizes look awesome and I cant wait to check out ur friends store!

    Thanks again and...
    Stay Beautiful - Beauty Queens

  29. My signature look is a smokey eye or very defined crease which usually consists of a shimmer over the whole eye and Beauty Marked by MAC in the crease. Simple but beautiful with long lashes. And of course blush!

  30. Hi think you for this amazing contest!
    I want to start of by saying that when i think of signature makeup i think of my "staple" makeup, cause you gotta start with a foundation, right? So my signature look is basically my go to look. It's a natural, smooth matte face, bronzer for a sun-kissed glow, and some rosy lip gloss. I'll Add a little winged-eyeliner, some mascara, and i'm good to go!

  31. I also want to add a couple of tips...when it comes to a signature look, (in my opinion)do what makes you feel good beauties! If it doesn't feel right, usually it doesn't look right. Also, rub your lips with a damp washcloth for about a minute before applying lipstick, removing dead skin cells. Another tip i have is to mix your foundation with a light spf moisturizer for a sheer finish during the day. And finally, enjoy and flaunt your signature look!

  32. my signature look

    For a long time I just saw make up has a way to brighten the face. My mom would always recommend a great mascara and lippie and for a long time that is what I would wear. Recently it has been more but still keeping to my moms concept. For me my look is classic and simple. I like to think it has is very lady like. Long lashes, cute cheeks, and pouty lips.