Friday, 14 August 2009

The Ultimate 5 Tag (tagged by MizzWorthy)

MizzWorthy was my second ever follower and has given me tons of encouragement. Her blog has gone from strength to strength and has firmly established itself as regular reading for most of us. The official poster child for Illamasqua, she is also Kylie Minogue's long lost sister. Check her out if you haven't already! Many thanks for the tag and for the continued support.

So seeing as I mentioned my second follower, it provokes the question of who was my first? Well it was none other than Aestheticcoo who somehow found me and certainly spurred me on. I have become addicted to her blog, with its perfect mix of hauls, reviews, swatches and money saving hints as to various deals and dupes. I always enjoy her writing and her photos, always perfectly clear and to the point.

I also regularly enjoy Hele's blog. I imagine she would have been one of the first to be tagged as she has a hugely popular blog, but that won't stop me adding her in! Hele posts very regularly and has beautiful pictures too. With a balance of hauls, reviews, outfits and home decor posts, it's the ultimate girly blog.

I must mention a blog called Afrobella. Written eloquently and always engaging, this blog may focus on black issues and beauty but I find it regularly gives me a powerful read, whether it be on cultural or makeup related topics. I think everyone should check it out!

Of course no blog roundup would be complete without mentioning BritishBeautyBlogger, who is aptly enough the go-to blog for any upcoming collections in this part of the world. Always ahead of the game, with predictions and leaks galore. An acerbic sense of humour marks this blog as vastly ahead of the pack. And might I add that I am not a little proud to say that I was one of the first followers, I vividly recall there were 7 at the time!!! But I knew that wouldn't be the case for long! Get in the loop and check it out, it's hard to find an unbiased blog which showcases small and large beauty companies alike. All in all, an indispensable read.

And finally no.5 already?! It has to be Gossmakeupartist. I know I'm hardly breaking new ground, but in case anyone doesn't follow him already... make sure you do! To be able to be privy to a true makeup artist is a massive privilege. Just like his excellent YouTube channel, the blog offers information in a concentrated, uncluttered way. With reviews, overviews, techniques and most importantly things to avoid and why, this is an absolute makeup shrine.

There are so many more blogs that I follow and enjoy but they will have to be put on ice for now....!!

OK and now for 5 Things I Love...

1. Marzipan. Not just any marzipan, Niederegger. I could very happily live on the stuff!!

2. Gustav Klimt. Yes I know his work has become somewhat hackneyed... who can look at The Kiss without thinking of grubby student digs. But did you know they are enveloped in a phallic shape?? Well I did him as my artist study for A Level, so I learnt all about it! How intriguing. I love the way he paints people and crowds them with swirling gold.

3. Giving presents, oh and OK getting them!! I love picking stuff out for people - well, as long as it's makeup or clothes or accessories! And I love getting them, well as long as it's makeup or clothes or accessories (or marzipan!)

4. YouTube. I love YouTube. Mainly I watch makeup channels it must be said. I love the socialist angle that anyone can be famous and popular - previously you had to go on reality TV to work out if you were an annoying bore to society. Now you can just upload yourself and find out, without fearing National vilification.

5. Creativity. I love writing fiction; originally I planned to have a short story blog, i.e a short story as every entry... But my makeup "hobby" dictated that a makeup blog it is. I also love painting and drawing, though I'm not much good at crafts like sewing or pottery and that kind of thing.

And now finally it's 5 Facts about me...

1. I don't belong in this century, I should have been born in the 19th Century. I'd love to go around in frilly blouses and parasols.

2. I love thunder, I find it relaxing and intoxicating in equal measure.

3. I am trying to gain muscle in the gym as I am naturally very narrow. It's very difficult. Any tips always highly appreciated...

4. I can't cook, even a hard boiled egg is a challenge. (possibly this affects fact no.3)

5. My favourite drink is a Cosmopolitan. I know, it's so passé.


  1. This was a really interesting read....thanks for the tag! X

  2. Lovely read Gail - Marzipan hey! xxx

  3. Thank you for sharing you insights. I tagged you to do six random facts, yet it seems to be a moot point now. Next time:) Enjoyed the Illamasqua review too.

  4. What an interesting post this is, Gail! It's nice to learn about the other side of you - the non-makeup part. :)

  5. @Hele

    No problem, I hope you get a chance to do it! xx


    Yup and my birthday is July 16th, but if you ever feel like getting me a pressie.....!!!

    Oh yes just saw that afterwards! oops!! I hate doing facts about me anyway - I am deathly dull! But thank you so much!!

    Yes that part is quite small haha!!! xx

  6. I like this post. It's nice to learn a few facts about you:) Thank you for the tag! I'm enjoying these. I need to get to them soon as my weekend kept me away from reading and posting as much as I wanted.
    Thank you again!:)

  7. @aestheticco

    Thank you, yes you've been tagged again I'm afraid!! Look forward to seeing your post xx

  8. Gail - you are just lovely : D I love your wit - brought a smile to my face. Thanks for posting!

  9. @Moodeve

    Oh that's very sweet of you!!! Hope you are well xxxx