Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Eyeko Magic Mascara: Review

Since my last review of Eyeko, the company have widened their appeal. Now they offer Eyeko Couture, which kicks off with Magic Mascara.

The large, soft bristled brush is encased in a very attractive purple tube embellished with sequins. It reminded me of a more kitch Guerlain - as soon as I saw it, that was my instant impression. It's priced at £9 and comes in Black.

I've used it for a while now and I can definitely recommend it. It's Limited Edition and will only be around for about 4 months. The Eyeko brand is known for being dinky, but this mascara feels like it's aimed at a slightly older crowd. I am sworn to using Lancome Hypnose, as every drugstore mascara I ever try, leaves me cold by comparison. They either smudge, are not black enough, or leave my lashes feeling crunchy. However the Eyeko Magic Mascara wins on all these points. It gives instant length, and with several coats it achieves volume too. It is surpassed by Hypnose... but at half the price, it delivers more than half the result. Certainly one of the better options out there and well worth a look.

Check out the new Magic mascara here


  1. better than Lancome? No way!! No higher praise in my book - I shall definitely be investigating this.

  2. @Ondine

    No oops not better than Lancome, but better than half as good for half the price... gosh that's somewhat convoluted haha!! Basically, one of the best drugstore mascaras. Hypnose still reigns supreme I'm afraid! xx

  3. If it's a pretty good mascara for its price, then it's a pity that it's limited edition - only four months?!?

  4. Hi! I know from watching you YT videos that you seem to prefer high end products. I prefer high end for some specific products like good moisturizers, good foundations, primers and eye creams but some things I always buy drugstore brands as I think they are just as good and sometimes better. One of those things happens to be mascara! I have found many non-crunchy, deep black, very lenghtening and very volumizing ones and it would be fun to have your opinion on them. My favorite ones are Maybelline lash stiletto, Maybelline volume express turbo boost and my current favorite - Rimmel glam eyes lash flirt. I prefer them to the Lancôme mascaras I have tried.

  5. @Witoxicity

    Yes the whole LE idea is very infuriating generally! Designed to get us all excited I suppose and make it extra special haha xx


    Oh I will certainly try those out, thanks! I just feel, in UK drugstore mascara is still not that "cheap" so I bite the bullet and go for Hypnose for a few extra quid. But if I could find a cheap alternative that would be heaven!!! This Eyeko one is not bad at all, but Hypnose just works best. I'll see about the Glam eyes one though, excellent news! xxxx Thank you again!

  6. Oh I know what you mean, I have been to England and was shocked to see drugstore brands retailing at 10 pounds...That's 20$ for me and the exact same products are sold in Canada for 10$ which is 5 pounds! My cousin came to Canada and was just amazed at how ''cheap'' for her MAC was compared to England...Now I really don't think that MAC is cheap in Canada and I don't even own as much as all of the MAC she bought here on that day because it was supposedely ''cheap''. I know that prices are related to the average salary in each country, the cost of life and blabla, but I still think that consumers are getting screwed because they live in a certain place. I don't think it's normal to be earning tons of pounds but still not being able to buy a house in Oxford before being 38!

    Hope you'll like the Rimmel glam eyes lash flirt, I find the product very good and the packaging lovely :) xxx

    Here is a picture of one of my eyes after 2 coats (consider I already have decent lashes and I curled them before applying) :


  7. @Antigone

    WOW!!! Thanks for rubbing it in - now I feel depressed about my shopping prices, my property ladder AND my lashes - thanks alot! haha. I had a look at that mascara I think... does it have that annoying flimsy little wand they use on all their mascaras? Because if it does I just can't get on with a bendy brush, feels too cheap...


  8. Yes unfortunately the wand is so flexible I'm afraid to break it everytime I use it, but I decided it is not a big deal since it didn't break (yet) and it does a nice job. I am thinking that the wand might actually be the reason why it works so well, it really goes through your lashes.

    (this is just my other account, but I'm the same person!)