Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Eyeko NEW nail polishes

Eyeko, self styled "London's cutest cosmetics" have created a new range of colours for their nail polish collection. Priced at £3 a pop, these are an instant pick-me-up. Getting the whole range was so much fun! There really is a shade in there for everyone. In addition, they feature a formula that is Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor free, promising "no colour fade thanks to UV absorbers and an amazing glossy, chip resistant finish which strengthens nails too!"

I could never compete with Eyeko's brilliant descriptions but I will briefly outline my thoughts...

Forgive the brutally clear and messy picture below, this depicts one coat and no base or top coat:
Worn with base coat and top coat, these can achieve luxe effect nails! They are very runny, so best not apply them in your finest garb. Indeed, perhaps opt to apply these in the nude and distanced from any precious objects (poor laptop). My absolute favourite is the "Cosmic". Let Eyeko do the talking:

"This night time hue is loaded with multi-coloured iridescent glitters like fireworks in a black November sky. An ultra, flattering nail look for those who favour the dark side."

I love their atmospheric descriptions! I actually agree with every word. Also, although I am a great fan of the dark side, and indeed of fireworks, I am usually very against black nails. Mainly because of the tiresome link it has with goths and emos (though I was by default a goth at university). However, this is a WARM black. Yes the sparkles, especially the red and gold, lifts this into a girly black which doesn't give you mortuary hands. It applies like the others, runny, but no streaking and very full coverage.

There is also a pinky electro purple, a light pastel purple (likened by those great scribes at Eyeko to "that opaque sugared almond look Lilly Allen craves") - Again, I agree! Also there's a hot on trend pale green that dupes Chanel's Jade polish (an ASOS exclusive) and a nude "just one coat of pinky-beige for luxe-looking super groomed nails like Jenifer Lopez or layer up for an opaque mannequin effect." (the Nude is the least impressive but its pretty colour and usefulness make it another top pick nonetheless) and there is an Indigo. Dark blue never suits me, though I love it and wear it on my eyes all the time. Perhaps I ought to heed their advice first though: "Keep nails short and blunt to nail this shimmery, midnight blue for a touch of cool gothic glamour à la Sophie Dahl."

All in all I definitely recommend these nail polishes. Many nail polishes on the high street at a similar price point are gross. These are no dangerous rival to OPI et al (the wide brush is lacking for starters) BUT they can work wonders given a nice quality base coat (I use Creative Nail Design Ridge Out) and of course your trusty Seche Vite top coat to finish. My Cosmic nails lasted a full week and would have carried on: Impressive performance! Watch out for runny texture and be prepared to layer up on products, but it's worth it. Check these out here.


  1. I was very pleased when I tried these polishes (except Vintage as I don't have that one yet), too. I don't think I can wear Nude on its own, the colour is not quite the right shade for me. Cosmic is definitely the most gorgeous, though I find Indigo and Lilac very wearable, too.
    If you don't feel comfortable in a full Indigo manicure you could always combine it with a neutral or contrasting polish. Or maybe a coat of sheer purple or green on top?

  2. @CucumPear
    Just had a peek at your nail designs - wow!! Can you come do my nails please?! Fabulous! Thanks for the ideas, though I probably won't publish my results... haha xx Thank you I may try layering them though, great idea! xx

  3. Great review Gail - I totally agree, these polishes are well worth it x

  4. I love that pink electro purple one and also the black one! These sound really good considering the price. :)

  5. Hi, I'm a new reader of your blog, just wanted to say that I love this review! I've been wanting to try the new Eyeko nail polishes, the colours look great! Alas, they stopped selling them in my local superdrug (anyone know if this is all superdrugs or just mine?). I found a promo code for eyeko.com though, if you enter the code E8140 then you get a free gift with your purchase!
    Well, in all, I'm loving your blog, I love how honest and in-depth you are!
    Angela xx