Monday, 14 June 2010

I should feel really guilty.....

UK Glamour magazine is giving away full size Benefit pencils. So for £2 magazine cost, you get a £15 full size pencil. Unless you live in my area, as then you'll be out of luck I'm afraid.

[evil cackle]



I went to a dozen newsagents who were ALL sold out. Then I went to Tesco, who had 2. Then I went to Sainsbury's, who had 7. Moral of the story: supermarkets are more likely to replenish the shelf, so go there first.


  1. Ha, someone on a par with me for stocking up:)
    And yes mostly from supermarkets!!

  2. haha love it Gail, they must have thought you were mad!

  3. @Sparklz and Shine haha yes I have a problem with over ethusiastic backup buying!!! Glad I am not alone. xx

    @Holly Yes they were very confused! haha the other customers were looking at me oddly too. I have no idea what to do with all these Glamour copies?! Traipse around Dr surgeries and hairdressers giving them out?? xx haha

  4. LOL! I forget about the supermarkets... In fact just tonight I visited three drugstores to find a color. Will have to try the markets tomorrow night:) I vote for making collages out of all those magazines and drawing mustaches on the pretty models! Talk soon. xx

  5. I tried to get one for my sister and although WHSmiths had the magazine all the packets had been ripped and the pencil stolen. The magazine was only £2 for goodness sake!

  6. @Adele haha that really is unforgiveable! You should try the supermarkets, I had no luck with WH Smith either xx

  7. LOL!! You go Gail....I'd be exactly the same way! xo