Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Princess Makeup etiquette

Kate Middleton is finally headline news for all the right reasons. Following on from my last post where I wrote about diamonds, I may as well put in a gratuitous picture of her engagement ring (which poignantly was the one worn by the late Princess Diana.)

Kate Middleton is a "commoner" with no blue blood at all and, at nearly 29, the oldest ever woman to become engaged to a Prince of England. These two facts make her very approachable for the masses. She is just one of us. And at first I bitterly thought, the least Royals should have to do is marry for allegiances, they shouldn't be allowed the privilege of marrying for love! But now it seems clear, that if the looming wedding is going to dilute the angry atmosphere created by cuts and more cuts, then the only way it would, is if the bride to be were "our face". And no one has perfected the girl next door pretty like Kate has.

Instead of a lot of makeup, Kate favours glossy hair in a natural tone, and minimal foundation, hardly any blusher or lipstick, but usually has eyeliner all around the eyes. I wonder if a very made up princess would even be socially acceptable in fact. Dark smokey eyes would probably be completely out of the question. Shame really as I think Kate Middleton looks older than her years, and a bright dose of blusher and perhaps a little blue eyshadow instead of the pencil liner would lend her a more youthful spirit.

Check out Kate Midleton's makeup faces below...

 fun night out makeup during her brief split from Prince William, the makeup is more dramatic
 off duty and on duty, the makeup is equally minimal


  1. I absolutely adore Kate Middleton! Her fashion sense and makeup style are simple and classic. She is a good role model for your women everywhere.

  2. I think she will make a great modern princess. I agree with you on the makeup. She does look older than she needs to look.

    I was in England during the Charles and Diana engagement. This one seems very different (and better). It's nice that they have already been together for so long. They seem to have a very mature and stable relationship.