Thursday, 2 December 2010

Best Blowdry of my Life!

Yes folks, I have had plenty of blowdrys in my time, yet never has a hairdresser given me instant 1940s movie star glamour. It is almost always dried to poker-straight, glossy perfection, or occasionally flicked outwards, but always very polished and tame. This time, thanks to Esther from Tommy's (salons in Wales, unluckily for me!) I have been treated to a bouncy, voluminous head of hair and have felt like a 1940s starlet, and it took a hairdresser to make me realise that poker straight salon hair "doesn't suit your personality" - How did she know? I didn't even realise it myself until now! Judging from their website pictures, the same eye for detail and expert knowledge has enriched their salons. Esther and her husband Tommy are so friendly, and most definitely have a passion for hair: instantly knowing exactly what it needs. Perhaps this explains why the eponymous Tommy Van der Veken has been chosen to partner with Schwarzkopf and help represent the new release, Essensity.

Essensity is gorgeously packaged, it looks expensive and refreshing, in fact it reminds me of an aloe vera leaf or a cucumber. As the colour suggests, this is a natural, yet unremittingly professional, range. Although a multitude of products were used on my hair, it looked shiny yet very light. And even now, a couple of days later, it looks pumped up and brilliant. Usually despite my most valiant efforts to cling on to a blowdry for days on end, by the very next day the serums and texture creams have wrecked havoc, and what was once glossy and tousled transmutes into a greasy gunky lank horror.

The fact that my hair still feels light and has retained its shape must be testament to the range used, "Volume". I have been given Volume Shampoo, Volume Conditioner, Volumising Cream, Texturising Mud, and Natural Shine Serum. All are priced reasonably for a professional range, around the £10 mark. I shall report back on my findings, once the dreaded day comes when I must wash out this beautiful blow dry and attempt to recreate it for myself.....

P.S. If you live in the Wales area, Tommy's salon have a Blow Dry Lounge where a blow dry costs from as little as £10!
Call Chester 01244 315 515 or Ruthin 01824 709 977 to find out more.