Friday, 21 January 2011

Countdown to IMATS begins!!! (1 week to go!)

That time of year is almost upon us - an invitation to makeup fanatics nationwide to congregate, and indulge in makeup GALORE! 

This IMATS has a slightly different format, in that the first hour is reserve for Pro only, and then others can attend for either the floor show exhibitors, or the talks, or both. I will be visiting on the Sunday (31st.) I am excited for the chance to see Inglot after hearing so much about them, and of course the faves Kryolan, Make Up For Ever and Illamasqua et al will be there too. I am really looking forward to seeing Lauren Luke, Koren (both Youtube royalty) and also the fanatastic Louise Young, who will be speaking about retro influences on fashion, which is something that fascinates us all. Then, the indomitable Alex Box will perform makeup set to music! I am excited to hear Dany Sanz, the founder of Make Up For Ever, talk about the product line that have made them famous: HD.

For people more interested in special effects and advanced makeup, there is as always the student competition, and various talks, including a panel discussion with the people behind the Harry Potter makeup effects, which is certain to be packed out.

From last year, the tips I have learnt are: (1) Bring wet wipes! (2) Plan ahead - this year, I know the talks I want to hear, so I will turn up early and wait at the doors if possible. There is competition to get to the most popular sessions, so be the early bird. And (3) Plan your purchases, concentrate on brands you can't easily access, or capitalise on show discounts. But don't get stuff you know you really don't need [someone keep me away from the brushes!]

Are you coming to IMATS? Would love to meet anyone coming on Sunday...? 

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