Sunday, 19 February 2012

Found a Foundation I'm fond of...

Yes, I have - after years (over a decade if truth be told) of religious devotion to Estee Lauder's Double Wear, ventured into Other Foundations. I have dabbled in Youngblood's Liquid Mineral foundation, which I really love as a sheer and light option. I have tried out a couple of Clinique foundations (Even Better in 02 and Repairwear in 01 - reviews imminent...) and now, I have found a foundation which is what I had hoped Bobbi Brown's sleek compact foundation would be - but wasn't. Introducing... Mally Beauty's Ultimate Performance foundation (I use Fair.)

I got this as a gift / in a swap so in UK I can only so far see that QVC stocks it, but I imagine it is not impossible to find. You get 10g and it comes with a chunky sponge. I follow gossmakeup's advice ("wet your sponge, woman!" was his catchphrase at one point) to dampen my sponge with a little water before using it with the foundation (this effectively stops too much product absorbing into the sponge.)

It is oil free as far as I can tell but it does still give a slightly dewy finish which mimics that 'youthful glow'. The coverage is excellent and effortless. I set it with a little powder (currently alternating between NYC pressed translucent powder and MAC pressed Blot powder) and it lasts through the day almost as staunchly as ELDW. If you can get this near you, I really highly recommend it!

Although it has not quite replaced my eternal fave, it takes a lot for a foundation to impress me - so this has definite Top Table placing.

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  1. Ooooooo. I haven't tried the Mally brand.