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Get ready to be IMPRESSED! / BareMinerals 'Ready' Review

It has been SO long since I have been truly excited by new makeup, and even longer since I read a fantastic and alluring press release. But the BareMinerals 'Ready' collection really is very, very good indeed. It is exciting, and yet wearable. The names of the products have been livened up - and although in the past I have been exasperated by the innuendo fad - in this case - every compact has such a sweet, thoughtful theme that I just can't help being enchanted. My favourite duo is called 'The Honeymoon Phase', and the shades are named 'Giddy' and 'Do not Disturb'. There is another duo called 'The Grand Finale' - with those shades named, 'Standing O' and 'Climax'. But generally speaking, even the names are unusually philosophical: 'The Perfect Storm' contains 'Cumulus' and 'Tempest'; 'The Nick of Time' (which is firmly next on my wishlist!) contains 'Chance' and 'Kismet'; 'The Scenic Route', a calming earthy green duo, contains 'Breathtaking' and 'Spectacular.' OK, so top marks for the names.

And top marks for the marketing, which launches in ALL CAPS:

It's always the same old story. Pressed powders packed with fillers, binders, preservatives and synthetic chemicals. Promises of amazing colour by some hired celebrity. Attention-getting ads by attention-starved actresses telling you that you can be just like them: slathering on product that tugs on your eyes, toys with your emotions and burns through your money.

Hear, Hear! I love that: "tugs on your eyes, toys with your emotions!"

And, there is another nice touch, the plastic insert is printed with 'Hello' - so adorable! But now, let's assess the actual product...

BareMinerals eye shadows were formerly characterised by being loose in a pot, and usually shimmery. These will continue to be available (in over 500 shades!) and do offer the perfect option if you enjoy 'foiling' your eyeshadows. The new duos and quads, blushers, bronzers and pressed mineral veil - retain the trademark mineral content, but have nuances and a shade range not seen before. The main difference is, of course, their ease of use. Using a 'cold pressed method' the shadows contain 'SeaNutrive Complex' minerals, and 'powerful antioxidants' including borage oil, caffeine and cucumber. The blushers contain camellia oil, the bronzers contain carrot oil, and the new pressed SPF 15 Mineral Veil contains grapeseed oil. The powders are designed to 'look like a powder but feel like a cream.'

I am so impressed with the products I have tried so far; I might even go as far as saying that I can see myself getting many more and using these above all else!!! The Ready collection is permanent, and has launched exclusively in Selfridges from today (as well as online and in Bare Minerals boutiques) but will launch nationwide from next month (5th May.) The duos are 3g and very reasonably priced at £19. The quads are 5g and also a great price at £29. The blushers are £22 and the bronzer £24, finally, the pressed Mineral Veil is £22.

There are 4 quads, and each is just so wearable! I got 'The Soundtrack' - names: 'Rythm', 'Remix', 'Louder' and 'Speaker Box.' It seemed very warm toned and I wasn't sure I'd suit it, but on application the shadows are so immeasurably creamy and pigmented - a real joy to use! Also, not too metallic or shimmery - a good mix of smoky and natural options in this set.

(*no primer - and just one swipe each)

There are 22 duos. There are duochromes, metallics, or matte shades to choose from, and I really like the colour combinations - all of them look like they would actually make an excellent eye look worn together! The duo I have, 'The Honeymoon Phase', is absolutely the epitome of beauty and elegance - a soft, matte and very eye-brightening pale pink, and a softly sparkly charcoal blackened grey.

I wore this all day and it was a warm day outside with a lot of walking. I wore it over a MAC paintpot (Soft Ochre) and it still looked like this by evening, many hours later:

It had creased a little but in a very good, 'dry' and even way: no smeary greasy crease marks! I also had several compliments about looking 'fresh'. It makes a very simple and understated smokey everyday look. In fact, I daresay this will be my everyday go-to look now.... You just cannot go wrong with this duo. And the fact it is supposedly 'anti-aging' makes me even more inclined to jettison all my other eyeshadows!

And the blusher I have is called 'The Indecent Proposal'. There are 10 shades, all very natural and no garish ones at all. They range from innocent pink ('The French Kiss') to nude shades ('The One', or 'The Secret's Out', amongst others) or deeper plummy rusty shades like mine here - which reminds me a little of NARS Sin.

There are 3 bronzers, ranging from pale to mid-tone to deep: 'Skinny Dip', 'The High Dive', and 'The Deep End'. The pressed 'Ready SPF15 Touch Up Veil' comes in 2 shades, 'Translucent' and 'Tinted'.

I really have to furthermore compliment the packaging: the outer boxes are simple, sleek and modern. I even like the way there is a flap opening, not just a simple box.

The rubberised packaging is a curved square much like Chanel, but of course will inevitably mostly be compared to NARS for its rubber finish. There is a mirror of decent size and foam applicator. And of course that cute 'Hello' plastic protector inside, as well as a pamphlet to give you 'eye look' ideas.

All in all, I most heartily recommend this entire range and cannot in fact find anything at all to fault! Hmm well let me think, perhaps if the duos the paler shades were bigger than the contour shades - as I know my pink will run out before my charcoal... but that is a minor gripe. Racking my brain to think of anything else... no, nothing.

Available now from Selfridges, Bare Minerals boutiques, Nationwide at all Bareminerals counters and QVC from 5th April 2012.

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