Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Beauty gone Wulong

Oh mein gott (so much more emphatic than oh my god)

I tremble as I write this... well I guess I trembled as I did this (early morning blurry eyed, ironically telling myself to be careful as I handled my precious ever so valuable Guerlain Wulong powder.)


How can something so beautiful get so mangled and ugly?

Well tempted as I am to donate this parable to Kandee Johnson or any other number of prized makeup artists cum motivational speaker, I will do the honour here. This my friends, this ugly heap, was formerly the unspeakably beautiful Wulong powder.

To look upon its tortured face (cobbled together in a rushed panic as I fought to find each and every crumb I could - a fruitless task but one I valiantly undertook) - you might think my Wulong is an insult to its memory. Better to kill it than shame it so! But hark: it still works, yes, I'll say it: like photoshop! to make a face look amazing. Maybe it will now dip evenly rather than the pink mosaic piece rushing ahead... well, I am trying to see the benefit to my clumsy accident. In any case, the moral is, the beauty is still there. Next time you see ugliness you should ponder: Perhaps it had innate beauty once, and was smashed by an Other.

Nonetheless, I will never take this out in public now. I am too superficial. But hopefully the moral will be undiminished by this admission.

I should have mentioned these at time of purchase, so for the record: I adore this and Cruel Gardenia so much, they are magnificent. And to make this blog post worthwhile, another recommendation thanks to the great Gossmakeupartist. Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener (I use Porcelain Peach.) This works to truly lift those horrible dark circles. With this under my eyes and Wulong on my face, I look SO much better, instantly.

Let's round off with some 'lemmings'... NARS Persia (a deep orange eyeshadow- I have been loving wearing the deep pink from my Estee Lauder cyber palette, and also the possibly dupe of that, MAC's Limited Edition hot pink pigment in Brash and Bold, surprisingly wearable!) I am also excited for the MAC Strength collection, as I am trying to bodybuild - so the promotional image of Jelena Abbou is amazing to me. I guess with a gazillion collections a year, it's only a matter of time before your interests collide within MAC. I am hoping to get the bright lipsticks Party Parrot and Pink Pigeon. I have a new love for bright lips, my favourites are MAC's Candy Yum Yum (worth the hype - totally unique, bright, yet very wearable) and Moxie (a very pretty reddened pink but a lot more easily duped.) Similarly, I am hoping Maybelline's Vivid lipsticks make their way to UK soon as they look great. And, Alber Elbaz collaborating with Lancome, this cute promo video is very promising if it means fun brights:

Please share your lemmings, recommendations or makeup tragedies below...

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