Friday, 10 April 2015

Z Palette Review - Large

I have a makeup cabinet (some might say: 'tower') and when none of the drawers shut, I decided it was time to depot from some of my most cumbersome and plethoric packaging. I am an atrocious depotter, and the decision resulted in many heart wrenching barbarities. However no fatalities, thanks to botched emergency reconstructive surgery. The once smooth skinned beauties might now be ugly mottled crones with scarred and ravaged faces - but where they were once elegant and pretty, shaded in a drawer, long forgotten or abandoned; they are now yes, ugly - but brought out into the open and ready to be used and enjoyed. And the plan is, once melded onto my visage, their beauty lives again. Well that's what I'm telling myself to avoid sobbing uncontrollably as I view these tragic but valiant casualties of war. Luckily I stopped short of depotting Guerlain Cruel Gardenia, but not before stabbing its fine petal. The horror, the horror!

Anyhow, I bought these separately so it came to a fairly excessive £40 total (i.e just shy of £20 per palette including standard delivery) bought from Love Makeup. I am always happy with the speed and service offered by Love Makeup. I assumed one "Large" would be sufficient, but to my mind these are in reality 'medium' and Large is a misnomer. The extra large didn't seem much larger judging from measurements so I opted to reorder a Large. In truth I would like a further 2 palettes, but the cost is prohibitive and I would say, unjustified. Nevertheless these are great palettes. The best thing about them is that they are very slimline, unlike e.g the MAC empty palettes which have more height. In addition, they also have a nice strong magnetic base, and the included magnet stickers are a welcome touch.

I am happy with my palettes but I Would Not Buy Again. I prefer my Trish McEvoy planner page (this is the old one, I must check the new ones out...though they seem black now?) The Trish McEvoy are also expensive, but they are more sturdy. Z palettes are sturdy and well made, but ultimately they are cardboard and therefore have a measured life (not to mention, one bathroom sink slip away from sodden doom.) The other palette I'd buy above the Z palette is the humble Elf palette (oh dear, seems to have changed too?). I wish the Elf ones were available in larger sizes, but take the divider away and you can store 5 MAC eyeshadows. My previous solution, a silly makeshift empty CD case, was not working. So all in all, I am glad I can now close my drawers, thanks to the Z palettes!


Fallen comrades list:

The saddest one is Givenchy Chic Camel. It was so perfect until its brutal attack. Note - this is Chic camel, it's not a, well, 'camel' colour. Evidently I have never seen a chic camel, as this shade is the most glorious purple taupe shade. A way better version of MAC Shale. Not sure if it's even still available; probably long discontinued.

Guerlain Wulong (top left in hot pink palette) had already suffered in an earlier catastrophe
Guerlain Blush and Sun (bottom right, zebra palette)
MAC Pretty Baby from a holiday compact, along with its sister Sunsparked Pearl (bottom row, zebra palette)

Others suffered relatively minor injuries and stab wounds, including MAC Sringsheen, MAC Contrast, and Guerlain Terra Azzurra.

Sombre regards from the bloodbath.

...Have you tried depotting? - Please recommend any palettes down below!


  1. Hi, I'm considering a Z Palette, but don't really have a sense of how big what I have is. I want to buy some Inglot, , have both Trish McEvoy and Urban Decay. Plus some other random stuff to depot, I suppose. I love the Trish McEvoy planner concept, but hate their colors (always have, even when I bought it). Sadly, they still seem to be the best thought out.

    I have two sizes of the Trish McEvoy, but mostly use a double-decker petite compact (8 units upper and lower plus a mirror).

    1. Believe me, you have more than you think! At least, that's what I found - the Z palettes (supposedly "Large" - I would rename it "medium" as Large is a misnomer in my opinion) were dismally small for my purposes. I immidiately had to buy a second, just to get my essentials in a palette. Having said that, I am very happy with the unexpected sturdiness of the Z palettes and I like that they are so slim. I still think Trish McEvoy is the best as you say, nice design and concept. But Z is easy to order online and the planner pages have changed since I bought mine, they seem to not be transparent? Which to me was a very valuable attribute. I'll have to check them out in person next time I hit Selfridges :) I've saved so much room thanks to Z palettes