Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Current Faves

Current Faves

Having become simultaneously disillusioned but also gratified by the way blogging has evolved (see my previous garbled post) i.e. I can't trust 'em like I used to; but I'm happy that companies, and people generally, don't disparage bloggers and Youtubers as just talentless and disposable non entities  - I still hold sacred that ubiquitous blogger classic, "Current Faves". So, here are mine!

- Guerlain Pressed Meteorites

Guerlain is probably my favourite makeup brand; the way they do highlighters and lipsticks - well, it sets the gold standard. Until recently the only way to get pressed meteorites was to cough up for the £180 compacts. I did get Wulong as a gift (and promptly dropped it on the floor into a thousand pieces... but I can't bear to relive that memory.) I managed to salvage Wulong and it is delightful. Aside from Wulong my only knowledge is of the legendary Meteorites in ball form (affectionately known on makeup forums everywhere as 'Ballz', with all the accompanying hilarity that moniker can provoke, especially when waxing lyrical about one's purple balls, blue balls, red balls - well, you get the picture. The balls are highly collectible and indeed I did build rather a collection. My favourite are the Opera balls. But in truth and as a rule, most balls look identical on the skin. What Guerlain Meteorites do is make you look amazing in photos, and in real life they give you an unmistakable glow that makes you look like you love life and wake up radiant every day. It has captured and gives you, the joie de vivre. This compact is thankfully permanent and also priced lower than expected (around £40) and there is as always, plenty in there. One of the best things about Guerlain is that whilst it is expensive, you generally get a lot of product and it lasts years! There's 10g in here - and just the merest pat gives that luminosity. Perhaps I will do a full post with pictures on this if anyone wants more info, though it has just been given a rather indulgent write up already here, oops!

- Ibiza G4 round brush

Any brush which is idiot-proof like this one, gets my vote! I'm lousy at hair but using this, it's so pleasantly lightweight - and its large barrel gives voluminous classic blow dry results every time. I use this with my Parlux hairdryer and after spraying my damp hair with Tresseme heat protector and Redken anti-snap. I think it was around £14 but well worth it!

- Clinique Mild Clarifying lotion

Yes this is already a known favourite so nothing new here... I had been using the famous P50 Lotion for quite a while, I'd bought 3 or 4 bottles. It was always a purchase I'd make by ordering it from a beauty parlour and it was around £60 a pop. The bottle lasted ages so it wasn't unjustified, but I decided to try this Clinique lotion out to see if I'd miss the P50. In short, I don't. The P50 is glycolic acid and this is a lot milder (4%) and Salicylic acid, but it still exfoliates and I'm really liking it so far.

- Illamasqua Neutral palette

If you only get one thing from Illamasqua...

Illamasqua have lost Alex Box, and with it, the initial identity of Illamasqua as a goth's fave, has fairly well vanished. Nowadays Illamasqua are all about neutrals and contouring and flesh toned lipsticks. They are very successful in the UAE and they've adapted to the crowd-pleasing neutrals. But you know what, they are brilliant at neutrals. And although they might still throw out a token and symbolic blue lipstick, it's clear that their heart is now well away from those roots. This palette is flawless and highly recommended. I have so many neutral palettes (as we all do I suppose) but this one is utterly prefect. Wolf, the brown shade, is permanent and available separately. It's a soft and blendable minky brown. The white is like MAC's Blanc Type in shade and texture, the black is a true, pigmented black, the gold is a divine antique gold but without any greenish cast. It's a little like MAC Tempting but a far better texture and a prettier gold. I adore this palette!

- Anastasia So Hollywood highlighter

I'd mourned selling my MAC Whisper of Gilt for so long; my heart skipped a beat, then skipped another, when I heard it was coming back, then not really coming back... I did buy the cousin of Whisper of Gilt, Oh Darling. But it's only thanks to Anastasia So Hollywood that my tragedy was assuaged. It has the same merest hint of pink which Whisper of Gilt had. And the texture is identical, that Guerlain-like texture which I've discovered always includes Glycerine in the ingredients and is made in Italy. I only bought one (it's 9g so the same size as MAC and should last a while) but I'm confused whether it's limited edition or permanent? Cult Beauty has ceased stocking it... Well, this will last until the next release; I've learnt not to panic anymore about running out of supposedly unique things. I use this everyday.

- Nubar Purple Love

This is my favourite colour! I am always looking for tops and dresses and bags in this colour. It's a beautiful balance between hot pink and purple. It truly is Purple Love for me! Surprisingly, it's hard to find this exact shade. I've tried. This formula is wonderful: a creamy shiny finish, and the brush is just the right size, wide and easy to achieve streak-free and glossy results.

- L'Oreal Double Extension Tubing mascara

I am most indebted to this favourite. It has allowed me to continue to enjoy my beloved Lancome  Hypnose mascara. For some reason, it had started to smudge on me. I tried everything and finally discovered that just using the white (primer) side of this magic stuff, no more smudging! And not only that, but it lengthens my lashes and I get the wonderful thickening that Hypnose does so well, amplified by the lengthening of this primer. *New HG alert!*

At the risk of seeming too positive, let me complain now! My erstwhile HG, Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean, is just not the same. It was reformulated a while back but I continued to use it and I even have a stockpile. But it's just not half as good as it was. I like the caffeine in it, and the reassuringly tortuous pain when it gets in your eyes, but that's all that's left. I'm also severely unimpressed with their choice to collaborate with Kendall Jenner. I just watched the interview with her and Fleur de Force and, well, it confirmed by initial judgement. I still love Estee Lauder but it feels distinctly like an insult to bring that kind of teenage vibe into a brand which has established itself as grown up and dependable; it reminds me of M&S's doomed attempts to be trendy and youthful.

... I'd love to know your faves too?

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