Monday, 10 October 2016

Public Service Announcement: MAC Whisper of Gilt really, genuinely IS coming back!!!

In case you haven't heard (and if you haven't, get to checking Trendmood1 on Instagram and you will never be out of the loop ever again) MAC Whisper of Gilt is coming back! Last time I blogged this, I was let down, admittedly beyond all reasonable and acceptable limits. But this time I've waited until the cold hard proof....

And doesn't it look so delicious? A delicious biscuit ready to be devoured. I think the whole nutcracker theme and packaging this year looks incredible, one of their best yet if you ask me. And despite having decided that Anastasia So Hollywood (which has also seemingly disappeared, hmm) is identical even in my fanatical mind, and notwithstanding the plethora of liquid look powders available now thanks to indie brands etc all providing what we want, forcing MAC into a position of putting down prices to be noticed - yes even with all that as disclaimer - when faced with the mythical Whisper of Gilt, sitting there alongside its ginger friend, I'm powerless - and it'll be elbows at the ready for this one! 

Get ready to pounce. (Probably November for my fellow UK and int'l friends; October US)

What do you use for highlighting, is MAC whisper of Gilt still worthy of the hype?

*Picture credit Trendmood1 and original owner as watermarked.

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