Sunday, 14 June 2009

Neno's Blog Award (Tagged by Mizzworthy)

So once upon a time someone randomly created from scratch an award fashioned out of her namesake, and now it's spread like wildfire. I am the latest honoured recipient, thanks to Mizzworthy. The rules have evolved somewhat since its inception, so perhaps I might be allowed to take that as my cue to not be too stringent...

Rather than the suggested ten blogs, I will be taking this opportunity to nominate just a handful of top blogs that I visit regularly, and highly recommend. I hope you will take the time to check them out too! I chose them specifically because I think they deserve a wider audience.

1. Erryn's Health & Beauty - And not just because she has generously supported my recent contest! Erryn is an absolute expert in her field and regularly posts interesting and highly useful insider knowledge. An extemely valuable blog resource.

2. Glossy Couture - I absolutely love Kathy's popular Youtube channel, and I find her blog really useful. She does loads of review comparisons and dupes, which are excellent to have on hand.

3. Ondine - There is something very relaxing about this blog, I always enjoy browsing through her posts - especially, I must confess, the cocktail series!

4. Lamiats - Again, there is something eclectic about this blog that I enjoy. Always entertaining and engaging, I remember her very first post (insert wistful sigh.)

5. Aestheticcoo - Another fun blog, mainly has interesting hauls, deals, swatches and reviews. Often includes enterprising suggestions on dupes, makeup combinations, or shopping ideas! Great stuff!

I am very tempted to dash off and create my own "Gail Award" and see how that one goes, but for now, I hope this Nemo Award can serve its admirable purpose, spreading the word on great blogs that YOU should check out! Enjoy! xx


  1. Hey! Thanks so much for doing this! By the way... who won your contest?

  2. @Mizzworthy

    Doing the vid today, please tune in xx Thank you again for the tag!!