Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Beauty Resolutions and Hopes 2010

Hello and Happy New Year!

I have just read the excellent Temptalia's post but have to admit that I am in the massive camp of those left fuming, in spite of her earnest protestations and experiments. You see, MAC have replaced their sturdy squat pigment jars with little nail polish designs. And now instead of getting 7.5g we'll be getting 4.5g. For the same price, naturellement.

MAC have sneakily done this on a small scale before, with the ever rich pigments, or whatever that collection was when they gave us some BS about different texture dictating the pigment amount and volume... Oh please! Now though, the packaging is changed as "the new jars were designed to reflect the packaging of MAC’s entire line, particularly their nail lacquers and foundations." That is such a laughable excuse for what is essentially an underhand price hike.

Personally, I would take less offence if they had simply raised the prices. I believe they have raised the price of the lipsticks and eyeshadows already... at least, I seem to recall they were £10 in recent memory, and since when were MSFs ever £19.50? But anyway, Pigment in particular represented the true wow value MAC staple. It's no use Temptalia arguing that we still get more than we ever could use. In fact I am shocked and disappointed that a makeup enthusiast could ever use these arguments - what next: You don't need 12 different pink blushers???

I would not dare say that powerful blogs have to provide a measured response to troubling news and play devil's advocate to preserve good company relations. In any event, this, so hot on the heels of the new year, made me think about what I'm hoping for for the rest of the year - namely, none of these dirty tricks that undermine me as a consumer. In short, I want a consumer paradise: where products deliver, and do more than one thing, and give you a decent amount of product for a not too ludicrous price. I want brands to stop discontinuing favourites and packaging. I don't want to be faced with gimmicks that masquerade as revolutionary, but on the other hand I don't want the same old tired shades. I don't want a billion new limited edition collections, yet I realise that that probably is the only way to keep us in a state of eager enrapture.

I don't believe my collection is an unmanageable monster yet, so I plan to maintain that. However my downfall is backup buying, I will try to curb that. Also, to stop buying lipglosses as I hate the feel of gloss on my lips; and to respect my HGs enough to never cheat on them again. It's not worth it.

There are some new brands I want to try, in particular Ellis Faas, who I first heard of via my friend Witoxicity, who first posted here then reviewed some products in depth (creamy lips)here and (creamy eyes) here. The concept of having colours inspired by human bodily fluids is not unknown: artists have long realised that decay and gore play host to an array of beautiful vivid reds, yellows and purples and blues... But there is nonetheless something very off-putting about it, I feel quite repulsed at picking up a mustard colour - only to be faced with the question of what bodily function communicated itself to the Ellis Faas imagination for this?? etc. But still, I'm looking forward to seeing it in person once it hits Liberty's.

OxfordJasmine ran a retrospective feature, some bloggers (including myself) pick out a fave 2009 product. Check it here. Have you got a standout 2009 product? A brand or product you'll be looking out for in 2010? What are your beauty resolutions and hopes this year?


  1. I have to agree with your feelings regarding MAC. Their products are of good quality, and I can understand paying a little more for them. However, that does not justify charging more money for less of the same product than before.
    In recent months I have stopped purchasing MAC and started discovering/ purchasing other high quality brands which are just as good and make me just as happy. Plus some of my discoveries have left a little more money in my pocket book! *HUGS*

  2. After having indulged in buying Chanel Lumiere foundation (I can justify about anything when it comes to chasing after the "flawless face."), playing with Revlon's Colorstay, enjoying my Estee L. Doublewear, I'm on the hunt for Make Up Forever's HD line. I want to know what all the buzz is about! Seems young and old alike are loving this line. I plan on buying a top quality powder brush (MAC #150?), too.

    It's only January ladies!


  3. Well said Gail, what a bunch of thieving beggars MAC are!

    Thank you for contributing to my 2009 blog round up!

    My hopes for this year? To try more brands that I have heard raves about but don't sell in the UK. I have always been too worried about buying from international websites. It's all about the search for the perfect product!

    I agree with you about lipglosses. I only ever wear them if I'm going out in the evening, just because you don't need a mirror!


  4. I feel the same about Mac's pigments.. and about Temptalia's posting.
    It really makes me think more about the influence of blogs on so many peoples' wishlists (-> money) and interest to run out for new collections like crazy over and over again.. you can't stand a hype forever, at least I can't. I don't know, the posting about the pigments made me wonder..


  5. It's amazing that I've yet to jump on the MAC bandwagon but I do empathise with MAC lovers. Reducing the quantity of a product and selling it for the same price....that sounds to un-classy of MAC.

    LOL @ the mustard colour. Let's not even go there, Gail! It's very strange that I never felt disgusted thinking about the inspiration behind the Ellis Faas colours (even though I know I should!). I suppose it helped that all I focused on were the silver pens. It does take the mind off the macabre! :D

  6. Happy New Year Gail!

    I agree about the pigments as well, i think a lot of people feel Mac are ripping us off- and they are, it's shocking.

    I've long grown bored of the endless collections they release, i think they should think 'quality not quantity'and come up with some new and unusual ideas.

    In terms of the Ellis Faas makeup, make up artist Lisa Eldridge has quite a good review video on youtube you might find interesting :)

    Shell x

  7. I too an interesting in finding out more about Ellis Faas after reading about her..a trip to Liberty beckons I think.
    On the subject of's the fact they're not (I presume) honest enough to just come out and say 'we need to increase our profit margins' that's so annoying, like you say, hiding behind a lot of guff about about matching other packaging and just plain ignoring the fact that it's basically a plain old price hike is irritating. It'd have been so refreshing for them to be honest. Bottom line though,they don't care - they know people will still go on buying their products regardless.
    Lots of bloggers, like you, mizz worthy, and London Makeup Girl to name just a few are doing great work singling out lesser known brands to focus on that it's time I started actually sampling some myself instead of just reading about that!

  8. I also agree. When I read Temptalia's post, I was fuming. I will not be buying any more pigments and I was flabbergasted that a respected beauty blogger would, in all good conscience, try to make the argument that it doesn't matter we're being ripped off. I felt it was an insult to my intelligence. I've made a conscious decision to buy far fewer products from MAC.

    I too look forward to Ellis Faas. Thanks to several blogs (London Makeup Girl and Miss Worthy) I've discovered some new brands this year. The Julie Hewitt Twilight palette and lipsticks in Film Noir, Oona Noir and Gem Noir are my new favourite products, along with Rouge Bunny Rouge highlighter and eyeshadows. I want to try more from these ranges and also Beaute, Lipstick Queen and Edward Bess (if I can get my hands on any!).

  9. @Jenlovestoshop
    Thanks! yes good point xx

    Oh MUFE HD isn't worth the hype, in my humble opinion. Too runny and not enough coverage. Stick with ELDW I say! But yes get a few nice MAC brushes! xx

    No, thank you! Haha I love your turn of phrase. You hit it head on! Damn MAC! Excellent resolution, I might join you on that xx

    Yes, it had that effect on me too. hmmm...! xx

    haha no my fault, I must re-focus my attention on the pretty silver pen aspect! Thanks xx

    Oh thanks, will look that up now! Yes went to MAC today and ALREADY no old pigment jars out, just those horrid skinny little tubs eugh I am so upset xx

    Thanks, yes I know what you mean xx

    Thanks! Yes blogs really hav opened us out to a bigger landscape xx

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