Sunday, 17 January 2010


                                     ### STOP PRESS!!!####

As I mentioned, I will be attending IMATS on Sunday 31st. I am very excited to meet everyone, and of course bask in the glory of ALL THAT MAKEUP! 

But the reason to update is... I have been asked by our esteemed mentor Koren (Enkoremakeup) to be his model as he works on the "Naked" counter. No no my friends, fret not, I will not be flagrantly shedding all my inhibitions on stage (those days are gone). However going bare faced, if that is what will happen, is virtually as distressing to be quite honest. Koren will be working his magic - as best he can with this canvas- for Naked Cosmetics from 10.30am on the MAIN STAGE. Let me know if you will be offering your moral support..... Please!

I have met Koren before when he came to London about a year or two ago and he was so generous with his time and such a very kind person. I am happy to be helping him out the little bit that I can. Though it is slightly terrifying.


  1. Wow, to be a model for Koren! How cool is that?! Koren couldn't have picked a better person! Pray tell, how did it go? :D

  2. I'd love to meet you on the 31st! I'll be there at 10:30!

  3. That's brilliant! Hope you have a great time! xx

  4. @Witoxicity
    it's on 31st! Will report back...

    @Jamilla Camel
    YAY!!! I will be on the (gulp!) 'Main Stage' by then, come say hi after if I don't see you before I get swooped away for my makeover...! Looking forward to it! Never been before.

    @Shell senseless style

    I'm excited! Will report back once I get back from the day. Have high hopes..! Thanks xxxx

  5. #hands up#! I will be there my luv... ; D

  6. @Moodeve

    I know - CAN'T WAIT!!! Xxxxx

  7. I am so excited to hear all about it! the 31st is only a day away! How Exciting!