Tuesday, 2 February 2010

IMATS... Reporting back...

The whirlwind IMATS experience has now been and gone. IMATS is positioned as a makeup carnival travelling the globe - "Five Shows. Four Countries. Only one... IMATS", as their slogan has it.

I went as merely a makeup enthusiast and blogger, rather than a true makeup artist. Nevertheless the astounding work couldn't fail to impress. There was, for example, a man made up like a snake - replete with glistening scales. It literally chilled my bones! (Koren will probably feature this picture as he happily posed with said snake creature). Here is me with some friendlier masterpieces:

I was plucked from obscurity to front the wonderful Enkoremakeup's Educator role for Naked cosmetics. He chose to do a coppery look on me, very natural, and pink lips. I must say I am very impressed with Naked's mineral foundation - it gives spectacular coverage! The HD camera used in the session has ravaged my confidence though. I don't think anyone really knows HD until they see THAT! Koren and I came early and caught the end of Eve Pearl's bridal makeup session, and I saw how close-up it was... I joked to Koren, "Oh no, that'll be me!"and waited in vain for him to assure me he wouldn't be so cruel. Ditto the hope that my minor concealer and blusher would remain undetected and undisturbed... He cleaned it all off  with Embryolisse, which I found way too heavy for my oily skin. Anyhow, for someone who will hesitate before even opening the door to my postman sans macquillage, I must love Koren a LOT to let him reveal me in "all my gory". I saw pores I never realised I had, and anticipating the inevitable video evidence, fills me wih dread.

I chose to attend Sunday's IMATS. I am new to IMATS but I have attended beauty trade shows and knew roughly what to expect. It also seemed reasonably predictable that Saturday would bring a huge, frenzied crowd! I am glad I chose Sunday. The atmosphere was jovial and intimate, there was a makeup museum with various impressive latex figures; there was body painting - each wondrous design outdoing the last; there were talks; a selection of stands from cheap (Crown brushes)to more specialist lines (MAC/ Make up For Ever). There was a deliberate emphasis on makeup and brushes, which dwarfed any hair or skincare presence. This was the preserve of makeup maniacs, that much was clear. The venue, the Nation's beloved Ally Pally, was reasonably simple for me to get to - and indeed conjured up fond memories of ice-skating as a child. I felt it provided a good space in which to wander and browse.

There were of course some items which had sold out, but conversely on a Sunday there are more discounts, as stalls hurry to clear their decks. I really enjoyed the chance to meet up with so many professionals, and get a vision of the extreme makeup landscape. My loot was predictably mundane: some Naked stacked pigments, (which look so pretty even just in their tower), and some Naked foundation. The creator of Naked was there and was so friendly! It lent the whole range the impression that here was a line that had been carefully assembled with true devotion. I am looking forward to seeing YouTube personalities test it out further. I also managed to get some MUD brushes. I had been hoping to get the MUD Handbook, but alas no luck, these had not been brought in. I did come away with a sumptuous powder brush and a nice crease brush though. I also (thanks to being with Koren!) managed to get the last OCC lip tar, in Hush. So far this seems great.

I would recommend a visit to your nearest IMATS, as it is easy to forget just how much power makeup has to transform even the meekest canvas, into a dramatic Pièce de résistance.

Plus, you get to meet all your idols....!


Eve Pearl


  1. Great photos! You look like you're having the best time. Looking forward to seeing the look that Koren did on you. Hope all is well!x

  2. It's really lovely to hear all these write ups. It sounds amazing but i'm very anxious about crowds (i have social anxiety) so i'm not sure i could cope with it. Maybe i'll do like you did and go on a sunday next time :)

  3. @aestheticoo
    Thanks! yes it was great fun. Koren did a very neutral look o me, you can just about se it in the pics... in the one with moodeve esp you get the idea... xxxx

    @Lillian Funny Face
    Hi! Yes believe me, judging from Sat photos, I would have just left - that is way too many bodies in one space!!! No Sunday was very acceptable crowd levels - you should def book Sunday next year! xxxx

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