Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Size Matters

As I mentioned in my last rave, Boots No7 Highlighter might be a gorgeous find, but don't call it "drugstore". This pitches itself as above Estee Lauder and more in line with Chanel and YSL. I had to buy 2 compacts to get as much product as EL gave me, and what is more, the No7 compact is kind of tacky. Added to this is the trend set by MAC, giving us less product but keeping the price static. Or putting Dazzleglasses in huge tubes but in fact reducing product. It is patronising and irritating, making beauty shopping a stressful exercise whereby we must - for we must, PLEASE, show we are aware by our shopping habits- calculate how much they are giving you, and what they are charging.

I often justify buying "high end" because the quality, and often quantity, is greater. I often relinquish lemmings and head to a drugstore to take advantage of a more justified pricetag. But these erstwhile categories are no longer clear set. A new trend has begun: drugstores come out with "revolutionary new biospheres voted No1 etc etc" so no no no, this one can't be £5.99 honey, this one is £18.99. Oh and this is our "Pro" range, so no no no that one can't be £6.99, it's £11.99. And suddenly MAC is same price, but whoosh, it's less product. And EL, Chanel, YSL are relatively stagnant. So hmmm how does one compute the better deal???

Have you noticed a trend in makeup sales? Has it affected you? Will you allow it to intrude on your spending habits?


  1. I'm giggling at your title:)
    Another thing I've noticed here in the states is that the "revolutionary" products are often not a part of their BOGO sales at the beginning of the release. Also, BOGO free are almost non-existant where I'm surprised if I do see one promoted. There are plenty of BOGO 50%off which I rarely use unless I'm picking up staples which by the way is not a lot. I don't have a lot HGs coming from the drugstore.

    I think the trend maybe the gray market which you find in abundance online while the bricks and mortar stores are TJ/TKMaxx, Marshalls, etc. You get some high-end brands for a lot less. I'm sure things will change once (I hope and pray) we are out of this recession. I shop at my local TJ Maxx way too much but damn! I save so much money. Plus, I get to try those high-end brands without feeling too guilty cause I'm paying drugstore prices. Sometimes even better prices since they clearance items out rather quickly. You just gotta be patient and know you might miss out cause spending that extra $4 dollars just wasn't worth it to you that night you dropped in....I look at it like a game to see how far are they willing to let the price drops. For example, tonight I spotted the Nars duo of Monoi oils (one reg./one bronze) for just $16.00usd. Of course, I had to have it the minute I saw it month's ago and paid about $25, I think.
    I could go on and on but LOST is on and this post is way too long and ranty - hope you don't mind too much!:) xx

  2. Unfortunately, I think this smaller size for the same money is a sign of the current ecenomic situation. It's by no means a new tactic either. Brands I'm particulaly aware of doing this are more food realted though. Cadbury's (I can't belive Kraft got them - Outrage!) have been particularlly good at doing this in the past, A standard large bar was 200g that went down to 150g and creme eggs are miniscule these days. The ratio of yolk to chocolate was far higher. OK so I'm off cosmetics, but companies will do what they have to to make a profit.

    I agree about the No7 not being drugstore, that's just silly. No17 is on the gondalas that's drugstore. No7 is usually on a show stand next to the likes of Dior and Clinique etc So that's the market it's pitched at. x

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  4. @aestheticcoo

    no, I understand ranting, better than anyone! You raise a good point - charging too much means the inevitable excess stock ends up in the bargain basement anyway! Good for you! xxxx

    @sparklz and Shine
    Yes with food it happens a lot, but never seen it as prevalent within makeup. Oh but you really made me think:I snootily considered No7 as part of Boots therefore drugstore, but in fact you are right - they do have a stand right next to YSL, hmm I literally never noticed that! haha xxxx Thanks!!