Thursday, 11 March 2010

Oscars Makeup 2010

The Oscars 2010 seemed back to its glitzy best. The dresses did not have to be reigned in to mark any financial and social awareness, so they appeared to take on a gold, silver, and lilac rhthym. On the whole, it seemed pale was still in and the fake tan of yesteryear is no longer glamorous. Screen star old school beauty was the watchword, with some bright lips and bright cheeks proving most popular. And although it doesn't feel like a proper Oscars round-up without Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman in the lineup, nevertheless let us kick off with that other Oscars stalwart: Cameron Diaz.

I can see Cameron has been pitched as the Golden girl Veronica Lake but somehow she is too "beach girl" to pull off red lips. Whenever I see her in red lips (though here
she has opted for a more orange toned red than she sometimes goes for, which is better) - but I think she is best in pink lipstick, or better still, her signature natural look:

Her makeup was done by Chanel, with their technique of using the lipstick as blusher. Temptalia website quotes:
The makeup artist used "CHANEL Soft Touch Eye Shadow in Sand in the crease of the lids, and lining the entire eye with CHANEL Intense Eye Pencil in Noir. To make Cameron’s striking blue eyes pop even more, [...] several coats of CHANEL Inimitable Mascara in Noir. As Cameron has loved a red lip lately,[...]lined her lips with CHANEL Lip Definer in Rouge, and applied the perfect true red lip shade – CHANEL Rouge Coco in Gabrielle. She used the same shade of lip colour as a blush, dabbing a bit on the apples of the cheeks. Her nails were painted with CHANEL Nail Colour in Lotus Rouge, a flattering shade perfect for the red carpet."

Next gorgeous blonde was Charlize Theron. Her clear skin and blue eyes looked pure and clean in minimal eye makeup, soft blusher and blue red lips. Although similar colouring to Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron has a more delicate face, and, well, without huge teeth, red lips look sultry and sophisticated. Not sure the same can be said for her dress though...!

Kate Winslet, another blonde, rarely gets it wrong. She has been a seasoned example of the "classic English rose" for so long. What I loved about her this year, aside from that fantastic jaw dropping diamond Tiffany necklace, was that the dress (by Yves Saint Laurent) - although a classic ivory silver - and although satin, which can look so cheap, ahem Charlize ahem Theron ahem, had modern geometric cut. Kate Winslet knows how to dress to flatter her figure, and she also knows not to mess with a good thing: as the face of Lancome, Kate Winslet exudes effortless grace. Products used, courtesy of Temptalia:
"Lancôme Photôgenic Lumessence Foundation, Lancôme Dual Finish Powder Foundation, Shu Uemura Blush in Pink 30
LIPS: Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge in Rich Cashmere, Lancôme Color Fever Gloss in Hotness".

I feel so horrible saying this, but, when I saw this photo, I finally understood the horse gibes. With a big nose, (and I can empathise) making your eyes look smaller is going to make things SO much worse. That heavy black lining is making her blue eyes (arguably her best feature) recede, and making the rest of her face stand out. The pulled up bun also is rather unforgiving. I would like to say the dress makes up for it, but this year I am not happy with the satin (see above) and the neck band evokes strangulation. I will say I loved the heaped precious bangles, and the Chanel transfers (YAY - I just got myself these too!!!)

Let's move on to some brunettes. Indeed, star of the show, winner of Best Actress, Sandra Bullock. I must say, this is the prettiest I have ever seen her. Dark hair is perfect on her, and those pink lips and cheeks (CHANEL Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Paris used on both) set off her skin a treat. I didn't love the dress, but I thought it fitted the occasion perfectly. She looked like a girly version of the statue itself:

Maggie Gyllenhaal also chose bright lips (NARS Schiap) and rosy cheeks (Dolce Vita)and demure eye makeup, but with that dress (by Dries Van Noten), it looked more holiday beach wrap than Oscars worthy. I would have advocated a dark blue winged out smokey eye. Thinking about it though, Maggie Gyllenhaal always seems to opt for a plain eye and bright lip. The closest she has ever come to a dark eye was in her Agent Provocateur advert, and I thought that was a disaster: way too awkwardly 1920s. She has droopy eyes but still, there must be a way to give her a cat eye to make her seem more elegant, but still modern...? I am bored of her makeup approach.

Penelope Cruz stuck to her signature princess ballgown style. Smokey dark eyes, nude bronze lips, contour, check! She looked like a gorgeous flamenco dancer, which is her best look. She always seems naturally confident this way. She's hit the winning formula, so no need to change things up, right?

Nicole Richie seems to be losing her footing. I like her in honey blonde hair and quirky flapper dresses and hippy beads. And although she should be admired for going for perhaps the most alternative eye makeup look of the night, I thought the overall effect of that long heavy dress drowned her small frame, and the washed out lips did not save her. Possibly hot pink lips would have injected some youthfulness. But as it is, I actually think the adventurous eye look simply makes her look even more bug like than usual. Thumbs down, sorry!! (Cute couple though!)

Mariah Carey, who some speculate may be pregnant, went for a very natural look. In fact, this look doesn't work that well, it simply reminds me of stage one: you've got your base on, now for the fun stuff - "No, Mariah, wait, I've not fini- "

At least she turned up in a reassuringly tacky dress.

Jennifer Lopez did not disappoint: her NARS makeup included the Brousses duo and the Orgasm illuminator. Glowy cheeks, nude lips and the rest. I have just bought the
Scott Barnes "About Face" book, so I will investigate this secret perfection further. No one does the glowy highlighted bronzed nude look like JLo! Her dress had mixed reviews; personally, I like it. Designed by Armani Prive and inspired by the moon, I enjoyed the way it played with shape and echoed her own curves.

Demi Moore turned up, looking weirdly young. On closeup her cheek implants and god knows what are somewhat chilling, but credit where it's due: Demi Moore has singlehandedly made it OK to get a toyboy. With Madonna, it was never quite convincing. But much as I hate to say it, that dress was too young for her. She might have sloughed off countless years, but that nude pink ruffle chiffon is for a young lithe girl. Demi Moore should have reached for dark navy or violet satin, and a red lip would have been better than her nude look and nude dress choice.

Miley Cyrus wore a better dress than last year as it was a lot younger. She appropriately went for a nude dress (ahem Demi ahem) but I am not sure I will ever get into the underwear as outerwear idea. The makeup was perfect - fluttery layered eyelashes and nude shiny lips. She has a petulant expression but the bouffant do and the AMAZING earrings certainly made her look her best.

Victoria Bekham, at the Vanity Fair after party, chose a nude dress too. But hers was a champagne nude rather than a pinky nude, which is somehow more grown up. I have to admit I think she looked great: again, she has found her winning formula -dark cat eye, sculpted cheeks, and nude beige lips. Dark hair and light tan is best on her. The dress (her own creation) fitted her well, although it does look like a truck has skidded over her dress, I am not sure about the print...?

Special mention has to go to the new kids in town. My worst, Carey Mulligan's gimmicky Prada dress. It had dozens of mini forks on it or something? Hmmm. Yes, enchantingly quirky I'm sure. Also it stopped weirdly short. It was confusing. I like the short blonde crop, but it would have looked cooler slicked to the side à la Gwyneth circa 90s heyday. The makeup was really natural, really natural. Boring!

Conversely, Gabourey Sidibe's dress managed to cover the worst of her obesity without compromising on colour and style. Her makeup was natural and glowy and she looked happy.

So, onto my best and worst of the night...

My fave: That dress, those lips! So perfect. Not sure who she is, well I'm not sure who a few of them are, but nevertheless, this is the Top Prize.

And worst, Hilary Swank at the Vanity Fair after party. The dress was part swimsuit it seemed? And the makeup and hair were quite retro 70s. She has an amazing body and is always at pains to shrug off her somewhat manly star turns, but surely there is a better way??

(And well this scarlet clad woman is in my bad books too!!!)

...What did YOU think of this year's Oscar makeup???


  1. The actress with that gorgeous berry ruffled gown is Vera Farmiga. I just checked, it's a Marchesa gown. I think it's genius how the ruffles flow.

    My fave has got to be Sandara Bullock! I've always thought she was beautiful but that Oscar night, she looked absolutely stunning with that makeup.

    I totally enjoyed reading this post, Gail! (I can't believe you didn't get the horse gibes until now! OK, now I feel horrible saying it - I had always thought it, but never said it.) ;)