Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Art box (present I made)

I love makeup and I love art. I enjoy the overlap, such as Chanel's gouaches artbox (L.E) and more recently, MAC's "Art Supplies" (those greasepaints are fun!) So, with that in mind, I am taking the liberty of showing you my latest art work. It was made for my mother, for a special birthday. Inspired by Tunisian tiles...

Musuems such as Victoria & Albert (currently hosting an exhibition on Grace Kelly which is well recommended btw) have a wide array of exquisite examples, if you like this type of intricate tile design. 

Please check my interpretation out below:


  1. Your so creative Gail, its beautiful!x

  2. That's gorgeous - your ma must have been thrilled with it!

  3. You are so talented...the box is beautiful!

  4. Lovely, creative, and fun to make...at least it looks that way!