Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm not on twitter, but if I was....

...I'd follow this hilarious and insightful makeup artist, Jenny Patinkin:

for gems such as:

If your eyes turn down at outer corners, try shortening the tail on your brow by a few hairs to give illusion of lift. Just don't overpluck! 

You know it's bad MU when: A 12-year-old girl comments on the color disparity in some random woman's face and neck. 

Lash extensions, I'm just not that into you. You're pricey, time consuming, needy & leave gaps when u shed. Don't call me, I'll call u

Dear Gray-Haired-Lady-with-Penciled-Eyebrows-in-Matching-Gray: Your brows look blue. Taupe is a more flattering shade. Use powder not wax. 

It's hard for me to think of @lancomeparis as anything but a dull mall line, but kinda like their Effacernes Waterproof Concealer. [-agreed!!]

If u attempt hot pink shadow, u gotta go all out or risk looking like you have conjunctivitis. Pink eyeshadow=trendy. Pink Eye=infectious.

Smokey eyes + office job = not being taken seriously. Would u hire anyone w/makeup like Kim Kardashian? Smokey is 2 distracting 4 work. [-hate to agree, but, agreed!]

Attn Sephora employee who pointed me to product with your foot: U just lost my business. Embarrassing customer service. Sheesh.

Equal parts hilarious and useful, her tips and insider opinions are well worth a follow. Her website shows some of her work, and this video I found gives great tips on foundation and concealer for everyday. And see this one for blue eyes to look electric.  

Twitter has never appealed to me because of the notorious spats, swearing, accusations, gloating, competetiveness and all manner of mindless chatter that beauty "gurus" seem to get absorbed into. And although as Kim Kardashian (!) or Michelle Phan show, Twitter is a great networking device, I can't avoid remembering people who have deleted their accounts because of some puerile Twitter fight, etc. I also find it so ridiculous that many high profile companies use Twitter as a personal account and really forget it is still on Google. I remember looking up a certain PR company  because I was being ignored, and finding all sorts of swearing and low brow humour revealing exactly who was in the office. It is so baffling how people think Twitter or any social network is a bubble where they can let loose.

However, if I knew it was aswash with makeup artists giving out entertaining pearls of wisdom...

For now I have bookmarked her Twitter feed, but I highly recommend it for any bona fide Twitter followers, if only to diversify the "beauty voice" out there! You won't regret it.

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