Saturday, 8 May 2010

Eyeko AMAZING new nail polishes - again!

Once again, Eyeko's polishes have left me VERY impressed. These are £3.50 for 8.5ml and  are "a nail friendly formula that is Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP and Camphor FREE! No Colour fade thanks to UV absorbers and an amazing glossy, chip resistant finish which strengthens nails too!"
I think these are the BEST budget nail polishes out there - for instance, I find Barry M very thick and prone to streaking, also the Barry M smell horrible and cheap to me.

These polishes (I received three: Posh polish, Coral polish, and Vampire polish) go on very watery but as I explained in my last review, this enables them to create a glossy smooth finish. Indeed, I was on the verge of ordering a backup of the great MAC Blue India nail polish from Liberty of London when these arrived, but after loving these £3.50 bottles, suddenly £8 didn't seem as much of a bargain. And I think the Coral one looks a lot like the new MAC To The Beach from promo shots, so I'd say these are totally comparable and a lot more affordable!

Coral polish (above) is designed to "get your toes resort-ready". I love the Eyeko website and descriptions! They are so fun, yet very accurate - swatches are also completely on the mark. It's a lively very orange red that indeed would make a fabulous toe colour or look striking with a tan. Essentially, it's the ultimate holiday nail shade! This can be worn with just one coat, but two coats, with all of the Eyeko polishes, creates a true deluxe finish. They all look expensive on! Totally could be high end, seriously!! - Unbelieveable really, as most drugstore nail polishes betray their cheapness on some level. Not these. The only hint of their economical status is their runny texture - but as I said, I don't mind that aspect at all.

Then there is the famous Posh Polish. Taking their cue from Chanel as they did with the stunning Vintage Polish (now back in stock after being LE by the way)this one is Particuliere by another name. And seeing as the Chanel is waiting list only....


This one has to be my favourite. Like the green Chanel one, it's a shade I would never have been drawn to, for fear it would make my hands look corpse-like. But instead, as Eyeko explain: "For ladylike nails this chic taupe shade wins hands down." It simply is, well, a posh polish. And, best of all, this lasted SO well, even without a Top coat it just didn't chip all week! Wonderful stuff.

Next up is a rival to my former favourite, which was Cosmic (a stunning warm black with "firework sky" sparkles. Vampire polish is similarly a really glossy black, but with exclusivey red sparkles. It is indeed, vampire like. Not goth (well, black nails are so mainstream now they never are goth anymore are they) but something approaching goth. This polish has a very obvious red sparkle to it, and I wore it on all my nails except one, which I used the Coral for - it looked great! Very modern gothic chic. I still prefer Cosmic but as they are only £3.50, I would nevertheless say get both. For this one I suggest a base coat as it'll make removing it a lot easier. Also looks extra brilliant finished with Seche Vite for an uber glossy effect. These polishes are all limited edition but you can get a set of 5 for £14, making them even better value, at £2.80 each. Check out the newest releases here.



And I was also sent the Graffiti liner, which is limited edition too. The shade is Navy Blue. I noticed XSparkage using one of these pens in a recent tutorial. These are just like using a pen on your eye, which is either a good or a bad thing. I noticed the swatch on my hand just refused to budge - so I never used this on my eye, just too long wearing - can you imagine. But for anyone who needs help perfecting a winged eyeliner, this liner will be extremely easy - and it'll stay put. It definitely is smudge-proof and fade-proof for a long day's wear. It removes with an oil-based eye makeup remover such as Lancome Bi-Facil. The colour is a deep blackened teal. These are priced at £5 - so again, great price. Shipping to UK is free, and you currently get a free Fat Balm if you spend £10 or more. International shipping is very reasonable, only £3.50 or FREE if it's an order over £35. And it's sent fully tracked. Can't say fairer than that. I highly recommend these and will definitely be keen to try the other 3 limited colours next!!!

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  1. oooh that Chanel polish is GORGE!....and of course I love the dark vampy one...I'm so redundant;-P