Saturday, 3 July 2010

Making up for the hot weather...

How do people who live in hot climates ever become makeup addicts???

I have found that since the London heatwave, I've hardly touched most of my makeup... The thought of putting on makeup in the heat is just SO unappealing. I have had to wrench myself away from my beloved Estée Lauder Double Wear and switch to its less audacious cousin, Double Wear Light. As for eye makeup, if I do go to the effort, it just looks very heavy and ageing and superfluous at best. Cheeks have to be kept light or it looks cakey and ageing too. Lips seem the only way to exercise your makeup stash at all!

Summer makeup is something I have not perfected. Holiday makeup is very different to being in the UK in a heatwave. Holiday makeup is of course all about glossy skin, bronzer, lipgloss and fun. Being on the tube during a heatwave is not equivalent and therefore cannot be levelled with the same makeup rules.

This is my current routine, I would be grateful if anyone has found a good hot weather makeup solution? - Post your regime or ideas below if you think you have the answer...

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10
(will be doing a review on this once I test it more) - So far, this is a good foundation, but it cannot compete with original DW in terms of shine control, nor obviously coverage.

I top it off with Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 which helps on both those counts.

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzing Gel

This has actually become a staple of mine. I would never have picked it up, but once tried: instant brilliance. If you haven't got time to self tan but you want to look like you caught the sun, this mimics that effect. Added bonus: it makes any blusher or bronzer you add on top, stay there for hours longer.

MAC Hipness (To the Beach L.E Collection)

I am loath to admit this, but the blusher I scorned as being basically irrelevant - given Marine Life's hallowed presence - has actually become the one I reach for daily. Marine Life has the NARS syndrome: clown face is all too readily achieved unless you exert the utmost vigilance. I love the way Hipness is a reddish deep coral, it works so well with any bronzer to create a very summery face. It should definitely be in their permanent line, as it's so much better than Springsheen, Fleur Power and any of their other peachy main line of blushers.

Terracotta Limited Edition Light Bronzing Powder (Shade No.1 Blondes Hâlées)

This is a limited edition 2010 version of their beloved Blondes 01. It's less golden and more reddish pink, almost, so looks like a natural fresh suntan. Also gives a superb glow. Very worthwhile recent purchase! Craving the Kabuki brush now....

Considering buying a backup but at £32.50 I should probably hope one compact suffices. I adore this and highly recommend it as a perfect treat. Previously I'd been using MAC Springshine ombre (LE) but it was too dark and 'rusty' looking. A flattering bronzer is hard to find! FYI if you prefer to be more economical, the closest dupe to the Guerlain is Too Faced Sun Bunny.

After lining my lips (GOSH velvet touch is a good choice) I choose a shiny gloss. My favourites are all LE but solace can be found via the new Estée Lauder Pure Colour lipgloss in Twilight Petal

  a pale amber pink which is very shiny and not too sticky. Lasts really well and looks great in sunlight!

For eyes, as eyeshadow looks so overbearing when all about you are sporting no makeup at all, I have simply been using MAC Soft Ochre paint pot to even out my lid, and lining with MAC Blacktrack fluidline, a bold, flat black. I prefer Blitz and Glitz fluidline but in summer, Blacktrack really is the best. Using my new favourite Louise Young brush (think it's LY23 but no number on the brush). And as always, the HG Lancome Hypnose mascara.

Et voilà! A frustratingly humble makeup face, but all I can manage these days, and the only things that have proven they will not let me down, as I strive to battle against the odds to look cool as a cucumber. 

And although I prefer a bath, a shower is the order of the day in Summer time. No self respecting hippie is without their Dr Bronner's Castile Liquid Soap. I have been loving the Organic Peppermint.

Only a tiny amount is needed for a thorough foaming cleanse, very invigorating. However if you've been sunbathing, a wonderful solution is the moisturising Herbal aloe shower gel by Herbalife. This was sent to me and I have been using it all summer, it's a godsend for scorched limbs!

Hope you are enjoying the summer. I need to get a holiday sorted ASAP.


  1. Gail - super post. Summer makeup meltdown is hellish. I'm finding Dip Down more forgiving than Blacktrack as a liner in the sunny weather, but still has good depth. Love Tima x

  2. Thanks Tima, will check out Dipdown xx