Sunday, 6 February 2011

I red your lips...

...And it seems 61% insist "Yes, sometimes the occasion demands a red lip at least!" and a further 19% go as far as boasting, "Yes, every day! I give Gwen Stefani a run for her money!"

I must admit I expected more people to be in the nude camp (so to speak) but seeing as most people are unwilling to relinquish red lips, it seems we recognise the undeniable force and symbolism of bold lips.

From the regimented power of the red lipped backing dancers in Robert Palmer's music video, to the threatening seduction of Marilyn Monroe - red lipstick has the power to tantalise like no other makeup can. Arguably the most erogenous feature, lips are most dominating when slicked with a bold shade. Simultaneously seductive and domineering, red lips can evoke a forthright business face or all-out glamour.

In business, women recognised that a sharp (inevitably male inspired) suit can be juxtaposed with a red lip to create a delicate balance... Their gender is thus conceded, yet red lips forbid an assertion of weakness. I imagine this is at the heart of why a bold lip will never be old news: a shock of colour will always provoke attention, and marks out the wearer as confident enough to realise its power.


Next week's poll: "Do you follow makeup trends?" Options and voting are above now!



  1. Ah red lips are my favourite, to me they just scream glamour, no matter what you pair them with.
    I voted 'Yes, that's the fun of makeup, I love seeing what fashion comes up next!' but honestly there wasn't an answer that really goes with my true feelings on the matter. The fact is I generally don't follow trends because I don't care what is fashionable, and I'm so out of the loop I generally only find out about trends that have already gone out of style. However in the past I have seen things I've liked from the catwalks and copied it. The reason I didn't vote 'Sometimes, but only the general colours and themes - nothing extreme!' is because generally i am the opposite, i will do the extreme looks!

  2. @Lillian Funny Face haha yes think you picked the right answer then! You do have a love for bold looks so I'm happy to hear the catwalk can easily inspire you. Thanks for expanding on your response! xx

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  4. Hi Gail.

    First up, I LOVE a red lip - sometimes they can be hard work, but they are so worth it!

    Secondly, just wanted to say If you are interested in doing a guest post as you mentioned in a comment on my recent post, then I would LOVE to have you!

    Let me know xxx

  5. Aaah, the nude lip - I never got on with that. The red lip, on the other hand, never fails to enhance a face. Gotta love those Robert Palmer videos. Feels like a lifetime ago! :D