Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Louise Young brushes!

Louise Young has been steadily cornering her market, and has blending brushes for even the most pernickety of makeup fans. The new brushes, which have now gone live on the website, include the introduction of shorter handled brush versions of the popular LY38 and LY39, as well as a new LY38 A and LY38 B. The LY38 A is just marginally slimmer than the original (might make all the differnce to some), but the LY38 B is nothing short of a revelation for asian or other smaller lids. It is the slimmest blending brush I have ever seen, yet still has soft bristles and a delicate feel. Usually smaller lids have to resort to using smaller and inevitably denser pencil brushes to reach into their eye crease. The LY38 B is surely destined to be a must-have for many.

Here are some photos, and please check my video review here for details on all the brushes.

From top: LY04, LY03, LY39 short handle, (All £17) LY38 B (£15), LY38 short handle (£17) and LY38 A (£16)


  1. Have you ever tried any of the Hakuhodo brushes? I am curious how the Louise Young brushes compare.

  2. Hi there, yes I have tried them and they are beautiful, wonderfully made and very soft. However far more expensive than Louise Young brushes so watch out! I'd say they are very comparable in fact. Hope that helps! xx