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Oscars makeup 2011

Oscars makeup is always the most exciting - High fashion gowns that on the catwalk were invariably twinned with extravagant stylised makeup, now seen in a glamorous but real context. This year's makeup choices were as usual mostly within the confines of classic and natural, but thankfully the trend for true nude makeup was replaced by an abundance of smokey eyes in various shades. The absolute winner was Scarlette Johansson (in Dolce & Gabanna): the clashing orange eyes, dishevelled hair and burgundy purple dress worked in perfect (dis)harmony. The dress itself toyed between matronly doily lace and seductive cut-outs. The effect combined created a refreshing, modern twist on a classic. The eyes and hair made certain that she looked young and confident - the attributes most lusted after at these huge events.

There were a few other purple gowns in sight, and Natalie Portman came a very close second in her deep purple Rodarte gown and matching shoes, matching earrings and matching little bag (she does loves to match!) The rich shade really suited her olive complexion, and teamed with an aubergine smokey eye and purple toned blusher, her petite features were enhanced to their utmost.

Hilary Swank, who got it so wrong last year, chose a more resplendent gown, but the lack of jewellery and makeup really undermined her choice. With long earrings and a red lip or dark smoky eyes, this would have been exquisite.

Sandra Bullock, the woman of the hour last year, and notorious victim of the "Oscar curse" wore a defiant column of red, with a bright red matching lip and bag. Kudos to her for attending in a bold and lively outfit, rather than a mournful black remembrance dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow stuck to her reliable gold slinky numbers, and middle parted straight hair. Something about her face has changed recently but I am not sure what... However she looked reliably sleek and her Oscars Calvin Klein dress highlighted her enviable physique. The cool toned gold sheen was offset by the effortless hair and makeup. Heavy makeup and gold dress would inevitably become old fashioned, so it was perfectly pitched. Gwyneth rarely gets it wrong.

There were, of course, those who chose to look as natural and unpolished as possible. Halle Berry has been universally upheld as one of the best dressed. I thought, like Demi Moore last year, that the nude fairy wisp gowns should be left to those under 35. I know this is harsh, especially in a celebrity landscape which for the first time, is riddled with over 40+ screen sirens on every magazine cover [a good thing of course, especially as people's life expectancy gets longer, and women have no desire to give up their rights to attractiveness at nature's appointed moments.] And yet, I do think a sense of austerity should be consulted once one is no longer a young starlet. Either in the form of a nod to bold makeup, or a deeper coloured gown, or even a big necklace. I think the pixie cut is wonderful on her though!

Helen Mirren once again chose a brilliant dress. Her pixie haircut is an inspired move, and coupled with the dashing Vivien Westwood gown and the natural makeup and diamonds, looked superb.

Cate Blanchett and Michelle Williams also went for very angelic natural makeup. I think Cate has indeed made that her trademark - and with her unusual features, it works well. She doesn't need to rely on interesting makeup to look stylish. I am trying very hard to like her dress, as she wears it with such panache, but somehow that 'bib' just prevents me from praise. Michelle William's Chanel gown on the other hand, is easily my favourite of the night. It is equal parts elegant, uncomplicated and graceful. Her pixie haircut is yet another example of how flattering this style can be.

Making that Dior backwards tuxedo a distant memory, Celine Dion looked fabulous. Warm toned smoky eye makeup and nude lips meant the simple dress and her trim figure were the centre of attention.

Sharon Stone looked rather too sombre in draped black gown with 80s style bouffant and red lip, but there's no denying that she always looks her best.

Reese Witherspoon channeled the same style hair but her 60s dark eyes and nude lip, as well as the simplicity of the gown, kept it crisp.

Joan Collins apparently ended up in hosital due to the tightness of this dress. It is not hard to imagine, fitting into that is quite a feat! However I applaud this resilience. Admitting defeat and plumping for a demure gown and nude makeup is not as impressive as looking to Dynasty for your inspiration. Joan is dressing her age, but in a traditional way - indulgently embracing sumptuous overbearing glamour.

Madonna, on the other hand, is quite a confusing prospect. This is hampered further by her daughter - who looks inevitably sheepish next to her exhibitionist companion. Madonna's makeup is perfect - it always is (even if her face has been twisted and pinched) but the lace leotard was a gamble too far.

Tori Spelling probably had a bit too much makeup on, but I loved the combination of unapologetic makeup and glitzy dress. And thanks to the conservative cut, it didn't look overdone.

Hayden Panettiere revealed that she definitely suits a dark vampy lip. The dress was edgy yet still unmistakably grecian inspired.

Kim Kardashian did what she does best (no, not that!) and squeezed herself into a curvy dress. Her makeup suits her, it is heavy but it is always flawless. Her nose seems smaller than ever, but I am sure that is ahem, just makeup.

Kelly Osbourne has lost so much weight, and although she will never be winning any beauty contests, she looked the best ever. The light hair and pink lip ought to be her signature. She plays around with her image so much that it would be good to see her ease into a semblance of a signature look. This is such a pretty look:

Jennifer Hudson has also lost so much weight and looks amazing. The vibrancy of the dress and the glossy lips make her look so glowing. And even if she falls into the trap that so many women who lose weight do (ill fitting clothes that are just fractionally optimistically small) it still was one of the best looks of the night.

And the surprise of the night has to reluctantly be awarded to Jordan / Katie Price. Her hair suits her better blonde, and her makeup was beautiful. The dress was not quite within the realms of vulgar, either. Top marks!

PS. I didn't feature Anne Hathaway's makeup as it was too straightforward. I liked it though. You can read all about it here.

What did You think of this year's Oscars makeup?

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  1. They all look so lovely and flawless! Reese really rocks with her natural beauty contouring it with neutral shade. I totally love her simplicity.