Saturday, 5 March 2011

Illamasqua Toxic Nature Collection: Review!

Illamasqua recently unveiled their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection, "Toxic Nature." Inspired by the ash cloud that wrecked havoc last year, and the general theme of nature being corrupted by pollution and natural disaster, the colours include a neon green inspired by the colour of toxic gas. But the general feel of this collection, masterminded by the charming David Horne, is of a natural, grungy palette. I loved the colour scheme and I think people who have previously written off Illamasqua as too avant-garde, will find a lot to appreciate here.

The 6 new Cream pigments (£17) are rather like MAC paint pots, but less dry and more adaptable to use on the hair (yes, really!), cheeks, lips, as well as eyes. The colour Delirium in particular, reminded me of my favourite MAC paint pot, Girl Friendly. The other shade I have is a very pretty, girly, soft pastel lilac - nothing remotely gothic about this delicate shade!

Described as:

A new matt formula that can either neutralise or dominate. Create the ultimate in textures whether it’s on your face, eyes, or body, bringing a flash of colour to a subtle contour. “The power of the products in this collection is evident in the intensity of the Cream Pigments they are intense, raw colour but blend down easily exactly like an artists paint palette.” Alex Box.

  • Emerge Peach (EU Exclusive)
  • Bedaub Mint
  • Dab Lilac
  • Hollow Toffee
  • Delirium Rose Taupe (EU Exclusive)
  • Mould Grape
The star item had to be the delicate nude sparkle Precision ink liner (£17), Glister, a liquid liner that can be used as an eyeliner or a highting pen. Alex Box's images had a cupid's bow outlined with this.

There are also two new lipsticks, a bright flattering and dare I say classic hot pink, (Atomic) and a modern but still very wearable orange coral. (Flare) (both £15.50) These are complimented by a soft sheer lipgloss each, Torture, a coral, and Divine, a hot pink tint. (£13)

For many, the most exciting will be the 5 new nail polish shades. Illamasqua has become known for its high quality formulas. Stagnate, the colour I was given, is yet another Chanel Particuliere, but, like skinny jeans, this is a trend that has become a classic. It has a high shine and wears very well. The other shades are:
  • Purity Peach
  • Bacterium Pearlescent Ash Ochre
  • Radium Acidic Lime Shimmer
  • Stagnate Grey Mauve
  • Gamma Neon orange
(£13.50)My favourite has to be either the shimmery yellow tinged lime of Radium, or the irresistable complexity of the almost silver duochrome Bacterium.

And finally, Illamasqua once again joins forces with nail impressario Mike Peacock to introduce the Toxic Claw (£35.) I am told that this nail set will not be a constant - next collection will be lashes! And apparently upcoming collections are set to shock us once again...

For now, enjoy the tame face of Illamasqua. Available online from March 10th, and March 17th at UK Counters. April 2011 at Sephora. My favourite thing about Illamasqua is that they are one of the only makeup ranges that eschew Limited Editions. All items will thankfully be available without the imminent threat of extinction.

P.S. Be sure to visit the Illamasqua website for the chance to win your favourites from the range - register and join the waiting list for your desired Toxic Nature shades. 3 winners will be sent all of the items from this wishlist.

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