Thursday, 24 March 2011

It's National NO MAKEUP Day!!!

Did you honour this year's National No Makeup Day? Luckily for me and all those who would have passed me, I woke up oblivious to this momentous occasion. obstacle.

I learnt of it through Bare Minerals, who are vigorously supporting it on the basis that as pure, mineral makeup - "so pure you can sleep in it", they offer the perfect middle ground. I would agree: mineral makeup, and especially a little powder and the famous "Warmth" bronzer, goes a long way to faking the no-makeup look with true persuasiveness.

(my shade, "Fairly Light")

If forced to partake in a no-makeup day, I would certainly smuggle in my favourite blusher ever, which is Bare Minerals "Flowers", very sadly discontinued I hear. "Fruit Cocktail" looks amazing, and is next on my list when my blusher finally runs out (they last for ever!) I highly recommend looking into the blusher range in particular, if you are inspired to adopt a more minimal makeup look in celebration of this year's No Makeup Day but you want to resist the dreaded washed out look.

...Did you keep National No Makeup Day?

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