Saturday, 2 April 2011

The BEST volumising mascara!

Quick post - this mascara is my new found fave for creating the best volume ever. The incredible thing is that it never clumps, and you can build it up endlessly without fear of spider lashes or any messy flaking.

I have been very devoted to Lancome's Hypnose mascara, which is still wonderful and has a brilliantly shaped small curved brush. This mascara instead has a far larger and cone shaped brush (yet still, not too big to be unwieldy) and took a little pratice. But once mastered, this mascara is truly dramatic and lavishes lashes with immense volume. I first reviewed these here, and adored the navy version. Next on my hitlist is the purple (if any counter actually has it! The fun coloured versions are limited editions.)

The mascara is of course Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme in Extreme Black. It also comes in brown. The black is dark and works exactly as promised:
"Acts like lash extensions multiplying and growing the look of lashes. Fortified with conditioning Lash-Advancing Vitamin Complex."

This mascara makes any makeup look dramatic, and most importantly it also feels conditioning and comfortable. I find many volumising mascaras make my lashes feel stiff and dry. This mascara gives fluttery lashes or huge fake looking lashes depending how enthusiastically it is applied. Check it out! Bonus points for the elegant gold design. Hugely recommended.

£22 from all Estee Lauder counters and online.

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