Thursday, 28 April 2011

Estee Lauder?!

As if further evidence were needed that Estee Lauder is not just for your granny...

These are just some of the amazing, vibrant polishes Estee Lauder currently have on counter. I say "currently on counter", but sadly in fact most of these are sold out. And - grit your teeth - Limited Edition.

I had my eye on the disability sign blue and the racing green /"Harrods" green, and of course that delicious blue toned purple, the exact colour of my handbag - but sadly all gone. I did luckily manage to get the very sophisticated "Sizzling Taupe", a shade that reminded me of Illamasqua's "Bacterium". I had been meaning to buy the Illamasqua one for so long but that means a trip to Selfridges, and their Beauty Hall has become a place I dread - a very unpleasant shopping environment these days. So, this is the next best thing.

Estee Lauder polishes are a pleasure to use - instantly glossy, and they last for days on end without chipping. My Eyeko £3.50 "Cosmic" polish is so beautiful - black which glints holographic in the sunlight - but even with trusty Seche Vite as armour, it chips within 3 days. So, somewhat balking at £14 for a small polish (it used to be £12.50, only £1.50 less, but that just sounds so much more digestable than "£14" does!) I now have this - and it is very beautiful:

It reminds me of a minky blonde perfect hair colour. It's a brushed gold taupe. Less iridescent than the Illamasqua one, but still eyecatching in an underhand way.

I am hoping Barry M will quench my need for a true, creamy blue. Sometimes a high end polish can be less high maintenance than a cheapie though.

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