Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Can't touch this?

Make Up For Ever, fresh from their cameo in Britney Spears' latest music video, now have another publicity brainwave. And it is ingenious - what better way to prove HD really is different, than by a straight up photo?

At first when I read about this, I scoffed. Yes, a young and pretty model looks good in your makeup - Bravo. Show me a 40 year old and you might hold my attention. But, I must admit, visiting the website I really do admire what they have done. For the first time, I feel I can trust the lip and cheek colours - and seeing the instructions of every photo, it actually reads as true fact.

Is this a new trend? I must admit I like the vapid photoshopped alternate universe where arm wobble and stray hairs make no appearance. [I rely on blogs to give me the unglorified version!]

But perhaps the advertisers realise that in an age of manic papparazzi and bald twitter, there is hardly a point feeding us farcical visions of digitally manipulated beauty. I'll be most intrigued to see whether this becomes the "new thing." Many magazines have pushed this issue in celebrity features, so in hindsight it was only a matter of time - yet still, unexpected.

Thoughts? (+new poll above)

What do you think of the Make Up For Ever unretouched ads?

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