Sunday, 15 May 2011

Make Up Designory MUD "Beauty Makeup": Book Review

Another Beauty book, but this one is strictly a practical guide to applying makeup. Although, the introduction does give a succinct rundown of beauty through the ages. This is a vital book for anyone who wants to perfect their makeup skills.

I heartily recommend this book - so many makeup guides fail to adequately explain the essential rules. This is elegantly presented, and academically set out. Hand-drawn illustrations accompany the text and every chapter fully examines the process. Chapters focus on every aspect: foundation application, eyeshadow, eyebrows, contouring, lips, and more. This is a deceptively simple book, which will teach even the most ardent makeup enthusiast a thing or two. I have learnt an immeasurable amount, and now that I understand countouring I will never miss it out.

Available from MUD website, $39.95

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