Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sensitive scalp? New colour range launched for you...

Igora Senea (by Schwarzkopf) is the first hair permanent colour to be recommended by independent dermatologists. It has been tested and approved by the highly respected ProDerm Institute for Applied Dermatoligical Research, who confirm that the range is, "exceptionally mild on the skin and suitable for individuals with delicate scalps." It was also tested on 30 women who suffer from sensitve scalps, 95% confirmed it was absolutely comfortable.

As many as one in three women report scalp sensitivity, and anyone familiar with colouring their hair has at some point no doubt suffered the burning irritation for themselves! Igora Senea has been specifically tailored and developed for those with a delicate scalp. The range comes in 36 shades and two developers, so there needn't be any compromise on your favourite shade. It can even be used on hair which is up to 90% white.

There's also a range of take home products - Senea Colour Shampoo, Senea Conditioning Cream and Senea Post Colour Balm, to look after your new hair.

It sounds like a brilliant idea, and surprisingly overdue. If you have given up the idea of colouring your hair due to the discomfort, this is the ideal solution. Check out your local Schwarzkopf hairdresser and watch the short video clip which explains all.

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