Friday, 29 July 2011

Green nails are now sophisticated...

Tom Pecheux has done it again. Estee Lauder have a brilliant new collection out, and as their mastermind explains, "My inspiration for this collection comes from the creative reflections found in modern architecture, in the phenomenal modern buildings that are like pieces of art. The buildings never, ever look the same colour because they are reflecting what is around them. It is the same idea with this collection, you are wearing the same makeup, but you never end up looking the same way."

Indeed! This is Green nails, but not as you know it. This green is murky, old gold. A colour which captures a sheen or a tint at every turn. At times khaki, at times brown, at times burnished gold...

It's the new limited edition nail polish called "Metallic Sage" for their upcoming "Modern Mercury" Autumn 2011 collection - available online from 1st August. (£14.)

I could not wait to take off my nail polish and apply this instead - and I really do believe that Estee Lauder have one of the best formulas. Once you apply, it literally will last and last. e.g I love Chanel's polish colours, but they chip almost instantly - so they are now banished. These nails will not lose their lustre until I remove the polish. I love that!

I attended the Preview event so I have some of the makeup to test out too. With names like Black Chrome, Modern Mercury, Nude Velvet... you can tell instantly that there'll be plenty of desirable shades! There is also a fresh take on the Sensuous perfume range, Sensuous Nude. I'll review the perfume and makeup separately once I have put them through their paces. I'll leave you with the official group shot for now:

I'm excited to update you so watch this space for more info shortly....!

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