Saturday, 23 July 2011

Killing off the Competition

Illamasqua again... I have just read about their new competition and think it sounds great!

They also have a short film to illustrate this process of literally "killing off" your old self. Vicky McClure is a fantastic model for the brand, and gives a characteristically stylish and compelling performance. I just wish she didn't smoke in the adverts, as I really don't think smoking should be associated with Beauty, and they have done this over and over now! Nevertheless, it was very interesting to watch the behind the scenes and of course the final edits. By the end, I really did want to buy the exciting new products, though it seems this is more of a retrospective on Illamasqua's existing line - there is a new mascara on the way however. The close-ups of the makeup were casually done, and all the more powerful for it. Combining Beauty and Death and Violence is always oddly effective.

If you want to win a brilliant prize, which includes "Staying in a luxury London hotel whilst attending exclusive events like London Fashion Week, the Illamasqua fragrance launch, a course at the Illamasqua School of make-up Art, an alter-ego makeover with a key Illamasqua make-up artist, a shopping spree worth £500 with a personal stylist and tickets to top London shows for you and a friend" - then all you need do is delete all your photos and painstakingly assembled Facebook profile (don't worry, you can keep your friends.) It is so hilarious and sadly true that your Facebook profile is your public self and altering it is so intrinsic to your actual self. I don't have a Facebook anymore - probably because of all that! - but maybe I'll quickly mock one up for this to tear it down?! How very postmodern. If you can actually hold the nerve to deleting your Facebook profile that is indeed as dramatic as Death and Murder to many. But do the winnings might make it worthwhile? I will be interested to see how this most unusual competition turns out.



  1. I love it!

    I have often considered deleting my Facebook, but I can't seem to do it. There are a few friends and family members on there that I really want to keep in touch with, and Facebook is the easiest way. So I guess I have a love/hate relationship with the thing.

  2. @Ms.M - Let me know if you decide to delete your photos and wall at least, haha!!! The contest does ask a lot doesn't it, a very tall order for most I imagine... xx

  3. I really enjoyed the concept in Illamasquas 'born again'short film. It was very striking. I have to tipmy hat to them for their passion. (^_^) xx

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