Friday, 19 August 2011

New lemming...

Trish McEvoy Power of Tools brush collection...

These work out at less than £20 a piece, with a brush roll thrown in too! This represents a great saving, and I can vouch for the brushes in Trish McEvoy's sets being equally as perfect as the full size. I do have the last edition (video review here) but these look even better as that lust-worthy skunk brush is included! - If you don't have amazing brushes yet, now is the time to get yourself kitted out!

I can't wait to check this out in person.

~Out now at Trish McEvoy counters.

...Do you have any current lemmings?


  1. I do like Trish, but I already seem to have these separately...lovely set, though!

  2. @Jamilla Camel
    Oh you have the best makeup, not suprised at your exquisite taste haha Xx