Friday, 21 October 2011

How to prove your concealer is the best...

Yes Kat Von D thought of it first, but Zombie Boy's conceptual tattoo really has become his very identity. Dermablend have shot a promotional video which seems to literally erase everything. It almost looks too convincing; a makeup remover - let alone the makeup itself - that wipes off in one go like that?! But apparently it's true.

This is a great advert, it certainly makes me want to try Dermablend again. I tried the concealer years ago but don't remember what I thought. (The fact I never re-bought it seems to hint I found some fault; nevertheless, this demo makes me want to give it a second chance pronto.) Poor Rick Genest, it looks like a very uncomfortable makeover/ makeunder. He did a great job and I think his natural charisma helps any brand.

Dermablend's rather hackneyed "Go beyond the cover / How do you judge a book?" tagline doesn't really break new ground, and seeing Zombie Boy's little scrawny physique undermines his awesome image, just a tad... But, I still say this is a Great Advert.

What is the best way to prove a concealer's performance? I suppose covering a tattoo is more palatable than a graphic demo of covering up acne scars and port wine stains...? Does it convince you, or would you rather see genuine skin complaints erased?

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