Monday, 3 October 2011

Kleenex Skincare: Review

I would put a gratuitous picture of Tom Hardy... No, purely for academic purposes. But instead let's just have this one. In fact, apparently Kleenex began life not as a simply functional tissue, but as a beauty product. And now they have launched eye makeup remover wipes (24 wipes, £2.99) Facial cleansing wipes (24 wipes, £2.99) Facial Cloths (30 cloths, £1.99) and Shine Absorbing Sheets (50 sheets £2.99)

I have been testing the range and actually noticed yesterday in Superdrug that these were all Half Price, making them even cheaper. The price point is great. I have really enjoyed the cloths as they are so multifunctional. They are gentle and thick - perfect for eye makeup removal, toner, or especially for nail polish removal without making any mess. I think these are an excellent addition to the Kleenex brand.

The eye makeup removal wipes are designed for Sensitive skin and were very gentle. However I found I had trouble taking off ALL my heavy eye makeup after a night out; for everyday mascara removal these are fine though. The Facial wipes were a similar story but they did remove everything eventually and my skin felt very clean after. Because these are not too moist, they never leave a film on your skin.

The Shine Absorbing sheets are deep purple colour, and I enjoy carrying them in my handbag. I need quite a few on my shiny forehead but for normal people these really do stick to your oily patches and don't seem to remove foundation, so that's a relief!

My favourite, and certainly the item that harks back to Kleenex's roots, is the Facial Cloths. These are soft and quilted and I think every household needs them! I am off to Superdrug in the hope that I can stock up pronto.

Available from Superdrug and other selected stores. See for stockists.

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