Sunday, 13 November 2011

The last taboo?

It is so hard to shock nowadays... Sexual product names? yawn. Swear words or anagrams? Not amusing even the first time, double yawn. S&M? So commercial! Androgny? Well now we've finally had male to female, that's exhausted. Drug use? Yes, it'll get the ad banned, but so 90s. Wait - what's this, pedophilia?

The new Marc Jacobs fragrance, 'Oh, Lola!' apparently takes its cue from his own so creative use of a perfume bottle as codpiece. But here it is 17 year old Dakota Fanning, prizing the tall bottle between her dress. Subtlety is a wasted art to Marc Jacobs it seems.

What did you think, should the ad have been banned or is 17 too old to be considered a 'child'? What is the last taboo? Would an ad campaign actually make you boycott the product if you disagreed on moral grounds?

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