Sunday, 13 November 2011

Murad Hybrids Makeup: Review and Swatches

Murad, one of my favourite skincare lines, has finally now branched into makeup. Starting with primers and undereye concealers, Jeff Murad assured me at a recent launch event that next in the works will be a melanin activating bronzer, various blushers, an acne/oil controlling tinted primer, and a fully developed makeup line.

I have been testing the two available primers for months now so here is my review. The main reason it took so long is that I like to test skincare for longer, just to be sure. These 'Skin Perfecting Primers' currently come in two variations, 'Dewy' finish or ''Matte' finish. They retail at £27 (30ml) and here are some of the claims:
  • Minimizes the appearance of pores while balancing oil production
  • Adaptive Shade Technology creates a perfect skin tone match
  • Improves skin grain by tightening dilated pores
  • Soothes and reduces inflammation
  • Protects against UV induced free radicals to preserve and improve skin elasticity, firmness and tone.

I would agree, shockingly, with the promise that one shade fits all. At the launch event, it really did seem to work on every skin tone. The coverage is sheer and not designed to be buildable; however if you have virtually flawless skin, this will very visibly even out your skintone (but not conceal any major darkness or redness.) I had the feeling the Matte was fractionally darker and more neutral toned than the possibly lighter and warmer toned Dewy, but perhaps that is due to it being somewhat more dense. I tried one on each side of my face and they both blended in without trace. Both are pleasantly lightweight and very easy to apply. They also lent my face a luminosity.

Sadly I found neither could cope with my natural 'shine.' It did not extend the wear of my foundation, however it did work brilliantly underneath mineral loose foundations to make them adhere better to the skin. With my normal liquid foundations (I'm currently using Youngblood liquid mineral foundation) it did not change the wear, although it did sometimes mean I used less foundation. I am looking forward to the 'Acne and Shine Control' version, as I feel that would probably worst best with my oily skin and benefit me far more. Incidentally, both the Matte and the Dewy versions are oil free, so I had no problems with either, and they blend effortlessly into the skin. Here they are just prior to blending:

above: Matte

above: Dewy

above: L-R Matte, Dewy, Eye Lift Perfector, Eye Lift Illuminator

as above, spread

as above, the dry-down

The other two products are for under eyes. Firstly, the Eye Lift Perfector. (£25) This is the more concealing of the two, but it is very lightweight. The tips on these are anti-bacterial and are soft rubberised feel. They are clearly designed with sensitive eyes in mind. You twist to release product, so be careful not to turn it more than needed.

The claims on this are:

  • Increase skin firmness by 50% in 15 minutes
  • Minimize the appearance of dark circles

I did find this very comforting first thing in the morning, and refreshing. But, it does not offer enough coverage, so I have had to use it as a layering product. I think for young skin or those who prefer natural looking makeup this will be ideal but for anyone past their teens seeking true coverage this will need to be used more as skincare than as makeup (at least for me.) I am hoping in time it might help lessen my dark shadows so I'll keep you posted...

The final makeup product I have been using is the Eye Lift Illuminator. (£25) This is a very subtle and sheer lilac which I was advised is best used on the outer portion of the eye to lift it and act as a highlighter. Again, this promises to increase skin firmness by 50% in 15 minutes. I have been using it as a highlighter and it's extremely comforting to use in the morning, very cool on the skin and it does give some energy back to my eyes, however I noticed this product does not like to be mixed with any other makeup - as soon as I put my foundation on top, it began flaking. Again, possibly this is best for those who wear less makeup than I do, and prefer a more imperceptible lift.

I am so pleased that one of the most reliable skincare brands are branching into makeup, I always like the thought that my makeup is actively helping my skin. I will continue to incorporate these products into my routine, and especially if they can come up with one with serious shine control!

I have also tested a sample of their new moisturiser, Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture, £59, (50ml) - "the most hydrating moisturiser Murad has ever offered."

It promises,

  • Ultra-concentrated, silky moisturizing cream offers immediate and long lasting hydration providing positively radiant skin
  • Avocado, Sunflower and Olive Fruit Oils enhance skin’s ability to retain maximum levels of hydration
  • Retinyl Palmitate and Shea Butter improve texture and while restoring natural smoothness and softness
  • Collagen Support Complex boosts skin’s resilience and plumps dehydrated skin
  • Locks in moisture for 8 hours

Of course, this was far richer than my usual moisturiser, but I used it at night. Despite its oil content I did not feel it was greasy, and actually I rather liked it used very sparingly. I will continue to use this, although I suspect that sadly it will not replace my very favourite, Active Radiance Serum. (£95)

I must finally thank Murad for such a fantastic event, I was treated to a glycolic peel which made my skin instantly a thousand times better! Dr Murad and his son Jeff are wonderful and the brand is one that has truly been crafted from a real knowledge of how skin responds to treatment. If you have never tried Murad I suggest you start with a cleanser, you'll soon be hooked. (My current favourite is the Essential- C Cleanser.)

Murad products are available from Harrods and leading salons and spas nationwide including the May Fair Hotel Spa. For stockists call 0844 472 7050 or visit


  1. This looks really great! I love the Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation and this looks similar!

  2. @Jamilla Camel Oh must try Perricone, not tried anything of theirs but they seem very good from what I hear... Thanks! Let me know how they compare xx