Sunday, 1 August 2010

The best blushing bride's blusher

Chelsea Clinton has come a long way...

As a bride, she really had the look perfected. I think a bride should have visible makeup, a wedding is not the time for a nude face. On the other hand, all-out smokey eyes and glossy lips is not right either. Nude lips also seems wrong. Yes, this is the official way to do it:

But, having said that, Megan Fox's recent beach wedding was very charming for its natural no-frills appeal. Her makeup was the epitome of natural (replete with tan lines.)

Gwen Stefani chose a colour to enliven her famous Dior wedding dress, but her makeup obeyed the rules:

Christina Aguilera, notorious for her enthusiatic approach to makeup, took advantage of the classic red lip bridal image:

Some shun the classic bridal red lip though, especially if their husband is younger and they have to look as youthful as possible... Here is Eva Longoria:

This wedding had a very vintage Midsummer Night's Dream aura, thanks to the vintage gown. But the makeup is still classic and not too hippyish. Leah Wood:

Catherine Zeta Jones looked catalogue perfect:

Despite the dashingly handsome husband, I don't like Fergie's pale lips and smokey eyes here. It is probably the most flattering on her, but really I think a bride ought to have blushing cheeks and red lips...?

There is just something so timeless about deep red lips on a bride. See Grace Kelly:

Of course to some, a wedding day is a fun day and their taste will override any given rules. Jordan seemingly sees weddings as a time for pantomime, Victoria Beckham would not trade in her fake tan and nude lips for anything, and Dita Von Teese defiantly chose a stunning purple Vivien Westwood gown, and made sure her makeup was gothic purple to match.

Aside from long-lasting and all the other mundane issues, is there even really such a thing as bridal makeup? How do you think a "blushing bride" should aspire to look?


  1. Goshhh..Dita looked incredible!
    I really think brides should do what they want. Who sets the make up rules anyway?
    Brides are supposed to be surrounded by people who love them and know them therefore they should know their style by then. For me it's whatever suits you at that time of your life: Goth, medieval, vintage, classic, just do what you want and what suits you according to YOU.
    Those are my rules for everything in life :-) XXX

  2. lloved this post, I think the red lips and white dress look fabulous! Don't know how I'll ever do it tho i have a red lip phobia! I don't own one, eek Gail! Which do you recommend to ease me in?? xx

  3. @Holly Thanks I think a blue toned red looks so classic and wonderful with the white of a dress. I believe a wedding is one day when you should break from nude makeup and make it very different and glam. There is a red to suit everyone so get hunting for yours! Maybe Guerlain? I think they have some stunning reds and excel at the ultimate red lip wardrobe. Also ditto Chanel. That's where I'd start! xxxx

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